Why Opearl Events

Opearl Events is under managements of Oriental Pearl Co., Ltd

After years of business in the field of working as a writer, writing scripts for television shows, Ms. Lien decided to create a private business so that it could contribute much to the business community. through the deployment of corporate event activities. This is also the motivation and reason for Opearl Events to be born. After more than 7 years of operation in Asia, Ms Lien and her team has organized thousands of events for companies in Asia through seminars, team building and customer conferences.

Each program is organized, we always feel happy and have more motivation because we have done one thing that is useful for the customer business that is to help them connect more people, conferences and customer events. Their brand is stronger and more sustainable.


Every day we always think about what we have done for our customers? Did we help my customers better than they were before? Are our customers happy after working with us? They have been thinking and taking practical actions in business to turn the desire to bring the best to customers, to help them have strong businesses and prosperous lives. That is the vision and dream of Opearl Events founder as well as the wishes of our staff.


We constantly change ourselves to overcome all obstacles, accept all difficulties to implement the necessary things to bring the highest quality work.