Mai Chau is a beautiful valley that makes me astounded as soon as I got there. Mai Chau is not only attract travelers by the rustic beautiful look, the shyness of mountain girls, but also by the warm hearts of people around here. Mai Chau climate is mild and pleasant. Summer is not to hot, Winter is not to cold. Thus you can travel to Mai Chau at anytime of the year.

In the spring, Mai Chau is bursting with colorful white plum flowers and red cherry blossoms. In the summer, the scenery is covered with the green of forest and fields. Especially, at the end of the fall Mai Chau appear with wealthy, sparkling yellow fields and golden rice season Terraced fields.

Coming to Mai Chau, we commune with nature and also experience Team building program named Amazing Race organized by Opearl Events. This is more than a entertaining game, there must be a strong connection between individuals in the team to complete the challenges.

This time is different from the last times. We admired the scenery by bicycle. Through challenges, we became true farmers by cultivating with native people. Furthermore, we felt cultural uniqueness through tasks such as rode rafts, used crossbows, tasted foods, drank tube wines… All of these wonderful things bring to us unforgettable memories.

The program in Mai Chau with the theme “Amazing Race Mai Chau” was coming to an end. We had learned tons of lessons. The best one is that members in one team must define one target. Even though it is a short term or long term target, it must be clearly convey to all of the members and everyone must remind themself to stick with the target to achieve amazing result in work.