AV equipment supply of Opearl events

The AV team of the Opearl events gather up all the latest and biggest collection of AV equipment and becomes the confident and aspiring company in the event management business over the years. Opearl events managed hundreds of international conferences and various events of all different scales all around the world.  We are proud to serve the world with our skills and providing them the best of equipment at unbeatable costs securing the quality of services rendered and equipment delivered. Since Opearl events have far-reaching experience of around 10 years in managing the events and handing AV system for a lot of international conferences, events, and shows, it can be an ideal companion for your next events. This AV team of Opearl events are the valuable technical consultant as they are operating such great equipment on regular basis.  Coping with another language is a big challenge for the foreign event organizer but the AV operator and technicians of Opearl events are fluent English speaker that helps and make the handling of events or conferences easier especially where language becomes a barrier in the business.  The professional team of the Opearl events can easily set up all things properly in time with beyond satisfactory quality. The AV team have a great understanding regarding venues and also have a good connection with the various venue management. The motto in which Opearl event works is “First priority is a customer.”  Opearl events are specialized in organizing seminars, conferences, and workshops. It has organized thousands of meetings and other events in around 10 years.  The various services that are provided by the AV team of Opearl events are as follows:

  • It supplies and operates professional sounds and lightening system for the various conferences and events.
  • It supplies all size of venue projections along with the LED screens that have different resolutions that fit different types of environment as well as your budget.
  • It supplies and operates the translation system as well as simultaneous interpretation.
  • It supplies and operates the voting system.
  • It supplies and operates the system of live feed whether locally or internationally.
  • It supplies and operates the events and entertainments shows that has laser light performances.
  • It supplies and operates the special parties that need special lighting for the theme.
  • It supplies the microphone system for a professional conference such as delegate microphone, gooseneck microphones, and chairman microphones and many more.
  • It supplies the full AV system for the exhibition.
  • It supplies the AV system for the shows and events locally as well as internationally.
  • It supplies and operates the AV system all over Asia.
  • It provides the large-scale projections on buildings, and objects related to the marketing events.
  • It supplies and operates the panorama projections on buildings, and various objects indoor as well as outdoor.
  • It supplies the full AV system for teambuilding indoors as well as outdoors, along with retreats and outings.
  • It supplies the interior lighting that is needed for decoration.
  • It supplies the LED dance floor that has a special sound and lighting system. •It provides the custom-made logo light boxes along with the backlit logo boards.
  • It provides all the services related to AV (Audio Visual).

Opearl events are the leading AV equipment rental and it is the best choice for any company that offers professional conferences and events as Opearl events can provide best greatest and latest equipment at a competitive price.