Carnival is a cultural beauty of South America, and especially in Brazil, it is held extremely monumentally. Let’s travel with OPEARL EVENTS to discover the special features of this festival!

Carnival Festival

Festival source

Carnival also known as carnival costume seems to have been a brand known in Brazil. Therefore, Brazil choose by many people for the festive season to be able to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere here.

Carnival originated from ancient festivals of the Romans and Greeks, often held simply to celebrate the spring and the beauty of life. After being introduced into European countries, it has been transformed into a disguise festival and street dance. And when it spread to South America – the land of funny people, Carnival quickly became loved and developed into an extremely monumental festival today.

Carnival Festival

Lively color festival

Joining Carnival, the dancers all choose for themselves the costumes to best show the beauty of the body in harmony with the flexibility of the dance that makes the viewer have to admire, from surprise to other surprise.

Along with the drums, the sound of fireworks, with the bright lights, visitors and people join the festival in groups with bright costumes to sing and play with the king, queen, princess, lord, prince, knight … show a spirit of solidarity and friendliness. This is an extremely attractive experience for visitors attending the Carnival.

Carnival Festival


At the center of the festival is a contest to honor the traditional Samba dance of the Brazilian, with the participation of professional dancers. Discover the unique cultures of European countries with dancers in blue, red and white outfits. Subtle and gentle dance movements in melodious music or strong movements in vibrant, disruptive and energetic tunes.

Asia, along with the dancers in traditional costumes of Vietnamese, ThaiLan or Japanese ethnic groups, has highlighted the unique culture of each country. Bringing traditional dances, virtuosity steps, harmonizing with music, flexible movements in sparkling costumes, all make a perfect dance.

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Carnival Festival







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