If your Gala is held at the end of the year, the theme of the party needs to bring the atmosphere and color of Tet. The traditional Tet culture of each country has different values and meanings. As in Vietnam, it is indispensable to have “Banh Chung”,  “Banh day” or the image of apricot trees and “Ao Dai”. Similarly, on New Year’s Day Koreans often wear Hanbok, or Japan is sophisticated Kimono outfits.

With the special characteristics and characteristics of national New Year, Vietnamese and multinational businesses can apply the traditional New Year theme; or variations, innovating a unique new way to increase the new but still retain the cultural identity for the business as well as that country.


If you are looking for a unique gala theme that brings a lot of fun and flexibility, then it is hard to miss a science fiction themed gala. Turn your event into a futuristic party filled with new colors.

The space is decorated with impressive lights illuminated in neon-themed or paper lanterns in different planets colors. Dressing up as unique robots or space creatures from other planets will bring you exciting experiences.



White party is an annual event in major capitals like Paris, New York. All attendees dressed in white clothes and enjoying a luxurious party in the evening outdoors. This theme will bring a certain consistency to the year-end party. When everyone wears the same outfit together.



Engage your guests with an old Hollywood or Oscar themed gala dinner. Opearl would suggest some ideas to make your event sparkling:

If your event involves the awarding, we can decorate the Oscar-themed gold statues as part of the award. Roll the red carpet and give your guests a VIP-like feel, bringing the glamor and glamor of Hollywood to your party. Along with Paparazzi, the atmosphere with continuous electric flashes makes customers transform into the most famous actors when they arrive.



One of the most popular prom themes is disguise. Its stylish nature supports black suits, black dresses, and the atmosphere is often associated with countless formal events. Red carpet, trendy decorations, live music, performances, masks and dance are all elements of the disguise theme.



Prom is an abbreviation of Promenade, which is understood as a luxurious dance party held at the end of the school year with the participation of a large number of students, students … Based on this idea, businesses can creating an impressive year-end party where everyone who comes to the party has a couple.

Men will choose a vest, sometimes a tuxedo vest and a tie or black bow. Women will wear a splendid outfit reserved for prom occasions. The main activities in Prom Night are buffet party, dance with partners and most importantly, the voting section to find King and Queen. in the party.



teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion


The best way to learn effectively is to experience and discover yourself firsthand. From discovering yourself, you will also understand your teammates in order to create cohesion between the team members. So Team Building activities are built with the aim of bringing individual experiences and increasing team cohesion. That engagement in the short term will bring direct results to the business results and in the long term will still bring positive factors.

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion

Team Building – Learn from experience

Team: Together Everyone Achieve More – Team together contribute to gain more. And Building is construction. Team buiding: Building a team. A good team is built from strong individuals and team building is a factor that promotes the development of individuals and serves as a foundation for the development of the collective. Especially for companies that lack the attachment or unwanted conflicts between employees.

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion

The team building program is based on building activities so that participants can experience the situation through the requirements of the organizers. From there, you draw practical lessons (attitudes, behaviors, etc.) that can be applied not only in your work but also in your personal life. Team building combines practice – evaluation – training to motivate, bring people closer together, create strength to work towards common goals.

For company with many branches, team building needs to be organized periodically to increase opportunities for learning and cooperation in work with the entire group’s personnel. When the company has a new project, adding new departments / divisions, team building activities will be a place where new members are closer, sympathetic and cohesive to achieve more efficiency. Or as soon as the internal unit appears to be in conflict, the company should organize team building so that members can solve the problem smoothly.

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion

After a team building course, participants will find a lot of fun as well as draw useful lessons for themselves and the team:

– Communicating with each other is easier and more effective, especially for employees who do not have the same part of the company, or people in the same department but rarely have the opportunity to work together.

– Internship to become “Team leader” through planning, organizing, assigning tasks, arranging and arranging members and resources appropriately to guide the team towards achieving common goals.

– Based on collective strength to create and propose solutions to solve problems.

– Recognize the personality of the other team members, the strengths and weaknesses of each one to complement and coordinate with each other to work better.

– Ability to forecast, plan, prevent risks, handle unexpected situations …

– Manage and use the resources of the business well.

– Building a spirit of solidarity, mutual trust, healthy competition between teams, recognizing the “comprehensive picture” and towards the common success of the company.

– Create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, learning fun to reduce stress in daily work.

– In addition, depending on the nature of the work and the requirements of the company leadership, the teambuilding program organizer may include other meanings for the departments: management, sales, project, manufacturing…

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion








Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race


For almost all companies, team building is an annual activity organized to enhance cohesion among employees in the company. But over the years with the traditional team building activities at the beach, the conference room, … it was definitely boring. So why not try team building Amazing Race with many diverse challenges. And every region across Vietnam with its own distinctive features is an extremely ideal location for Amazing Race.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

What is Amazing Race?

Amazing Race is a very famous and popular reality gameshow in Vietnam and around the world. When participating in this program, you will experience extremely interesting and unique activities. This program is not just encapsulated in a house or beach but can take place in a large area like a ward, a district or the whole city.

The teams will participate in a variety of challenges from the organizers, which are declassified mail activities to find the next location, simulate daily activities of the local people and many another kind of challenge. Challenges are set based on regional geography, customs and practices of local people and the unique characteristics of each area.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

What does Amazing Race bring to the participants?

When participating in team building Amazing Race, players will participate in both physical and intellectual activities based on the unique cultural characteristics of the people and the organization area. It is a great opportunity to experience and improve the knowledge and understanding of the regions.

Not only is the individual factor mentioned, but teamwork is also a factor of concern. Collective activities in challenges will increase the interaction and coordination among members. For each different challenge, the members will have different roles and tasks. Members will exchange information, assign tasks in order to overcome challenges quickly and with the best results.

The physical challenge will require participants to have a good physical strength, quick wits in problem solving. Flexibility and rapid adaptation will be a great advantage when faced with a variety of different requirements.

Amazing Race is a new and unique form of team building, so it will attract the attention and response of the participants. Participants who need to be knowledgeable about geography, culture, and history will be able to help their teams overcome challenges more quickly than other teams.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

Join Amazing Race, players will be able to participate directly in the activities of the regional culture such as making crafts, farming, cooking specialties, doing daily activities of the local people. .

Amazing Race will bring a lot of benefits to the business. Helping members of the company to show their ability and understand more about their team. Also helps leaders and managers better understand the competence and character of their employees.

Why is Vietnam the ideal venue for Amazing Race?

Vietnam is a country with a land stretching from south to north with many different regions and areas, and each place has its own characteristics.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

The diversity in geography

Vietnam is characterized by its long and narrow middle with many hilly areas along with two large plains. That abundance will be the premise to choose the location of the Amazing Race at the discretion of each company.

The West is characterized by intermittent river systems, hundreds of spanning bridges. The central region is long and narrow with roads running along the mountains and along the sea. The big city areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh are big and small roads, interwoven together to create mazes for newcomers. The hilly areas with a cool climate are also a great venue for Amazing Race.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

The diversity in culture

It is the diversity in geography that creates the cultural and social characteristics of each region. Maybe go to the West to challenge yourself with farming activities, explore floating markets in the river. Or to Dalat, cities in the Northwest to enjoy the cool air, the slopes up and down. If your company likes ancient and peaceful, Hue or Hoi An will be great choices. And if you want to have yellow sand, blue sea, bright sunshine, the coastal cities like Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, … will be an option not to be missed.




During the current Covid-19 epidemic season, many companies were in a difficult business situation, with no customers and reduced employee morale. We cannot just sit there and watch the epidemic destroy the strength and spirit of the company.

So come to Opearl Events with the high-tech Team building In Door programs. These programs will overcome the shortcomings of traditional team building such as having to go out, requiring large space. With team building activities such as Quick Fire, Peak Performance, etc., you can play right at the company while ensuring the values ​​and lessons from Team building are not lost. At the same time, it also ensures the safety of the employees in your company.

Opearl Events has successfully organized many events and received high trust from partners and customers throughout the years. If your company wishes to have a comprehensive solution for this season, contact Opearl Events to get advice and outline the plan that best suits your needs and the most reasonable price.





Customer conference - Cooperation and success


In recent years, there has been a constant rise of start-ups in every business. That would surely be a headache for current business owners to think about how to maintain their customer base. And certainly, organizing the Customer Conference is one of the indispensable activities.

The fact that there are many company till now still overlooked the organization of Customer Conferences.  First, we need to understand two issues: “What is a customer conference ?” and “What does it bring to a business ?”


For large company, organizing a Customer Conference is one of the events that are very focused and interested. The conference is held once a year and usually at the end of the year, and the main guests here are the customers and strategic partners of the business.

The main purpose of this event is to express gratitude, ask for comments, comments and customer reviews. Since then businesses can improve the quality of products and services better.

Customer conference - Cooperation and success


There is always a gap between the customer and the enterprises. And the medium that connects the two sides is the services and products provided by the company. Therefore, organizing a Customer Conference is considered an ideal opportunity for businesses and their customers to discuss directly. Enterprises themselves can express in detail development strategies and policies; as well as express its gratitude to its customers and partners.



The number of businesses operating in the same industry is not small, not to mention the current movement of startups. So, Customer Conference is considered a healthy competition method that is extremely effective.

The event shows the attention and customer care policies of the business. Thereby creating a prestigious picture of the company in the general public; increase reputation and position of company in the market.



Organizing a customer conferences in combination with communication will be a method to strongly promote the image and brand of enterprises in the market. This is an opportunity to expand the business scope and attract more potential customers.

Customer conference - Cooperation and success

Depending on the industry and business sector of the company to offer topics and content suitable for the conference. For example, if your business is in the field of Healthcare, let’s analyze the elements of a Customer Conference of a business in this field.

In the field of Health Care, creating a professional service and maintaining it to meet the expectations and bring the highest satisfaction to patients is one of the important criteria in measuring quality of medical care and services of the company. Customer conferences can bring health messages, a talk show, conversations between customers and health professionals, giving advice and necessary knowledge to customers.

Unlike businesses in the field of entertainment or media, a conference on Health does not need to have too sophisticated concept, too eye-catching. But still have to ensure professionalism in all elements. Most of the conferences of the Health conferences will be gentle. Gentleness creates comfort for the attendees and the desired result is easier to achieve.

Customer conference - Cooperation and success

Attendees of the conference may include:

  • Leadership of the company / hospital.
  • Individuals holding high positions in the company.
  • Invite doctors / experts in the Healthcare field to increase the reputation of the conference and the company.
  • The strategic partners of the company.
  • Long-term clients, patients in the course of company / hospital treatment.
  • Other subjects interested in the topic of Health Care


The main content of the conference will focus on issues such as:

  • The needs of the patient / client.
  • Introducing methods for analyzing and assessing patient / customer satisfaction.
  • Introducing new remedies or treatments.
  • The meaning of customer care to bring the highest satisfaction to patients / customers.
  • Advice to get the health patient desire.

During the conference, experts or companies should prepare a few questions or items to make the customers happy, helping to reduce the tension and psychology will be more comfortable.

At the end of the session, there will be gifts for patients / guests as well as participants to thank and leave a good impression.

These are issues that businesses need to know and understand what the Customer Conference is, so that they can organize a customer conference event in the right purpose and the most meaningful.








Carnival is a cultural beauty of South America, and especially in Brazil, it is held extremely monumentally. Let’s travel with OPEARL EVENTS to discover the special features of this festival!

Carnival Festival

Festival source

Carnival also known as carnival costume seems to have been a brand known in Brazil. Therefore, Brazil choose by many people for the festive season to be able to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere here.

Carnival originated from ancient festivals of the Romans and Greeks, often held simply to celebrate the spring and the beauty of life. After being introduced into European countries, it has been transformed into a disguise festival and street dance. And when it spread to South America – the land of funny people, Carnival quickly became loved and developed into an extremely monumental festival today.

Carnival Festival

Lively color festival

Joining Carnival, the dancers all choose for themselves the costumes to best show the beauty of the body in harmony with the flexibility of the dance that makes the viewer have to admire, from surprise to other surprise.

Along with the drums, the sound of fireworks, with the bright lights, visitors and people join the festival in groups with bright costumes to sing and play with the king, queen, princess, lord, prince, knight … show a spirit of solidarity and friendliness. This is an extremely attractive experience for visitors attending the Carnival.

Carnival Festival


At the center of the festival is a contest to honor the traditional Samba dance of the Brazilian, with the participation of professional dancers. Discover the unique cultures of European countries with dancers in blue, red and white outfits. Subtle and gentle dance movements in melodious music or strong movements in vibrant, disruptive and energetic tunes.

Asia, along with the dancers in traditional costumes of Vietnamese, ThaiLan or Japanese ethnic groups, has highlighted the unique culture of each country. Bringing traditional dances, virtuosity steps, harmonizing with music, flexible movements in sparkling costumes, all make a perfect dance.

If your company want organize year end party or family day with Carnival theme, contact us: info@opearl.com.vn

Carnival Festival







Hoi An - The ideal place for the Amazing Race


For a long time, Hoi An has always been an attractive choice for travel. It is a special city compared to other cities in Vietnam. A peaceful city characterized by the old town, the old roof tiles covered with moss, … and much more to discover, so Hoi An is the ideal place for the Amazing Race.

Hoi An - The ideal place for the Amazing Race

Tourist attraction diverse and unique

Hoi An is a tourist paradise with countless locations throughout the city. Not only diverse in number, but each location also has its own unique features. That particular feature comes from the ancient, mossy that few cities in Vietnam can have.
Hoi An at night is more and more attractive to the light by the gentle light emanating from the lanterns. You will enjoy this space because as entering the old space of hundreds of years ago appears right before your eyes. Despite the passage of time and space, the ancient town of Hoi An retains its most ancient beauty. It is like a place where tourists can find a complex of vestiges preserved almost intact, making Hoi An a unique place in modern annals. All of these are ideal locations for the Amazing Race.

Night at Hoi An

Safety in traffic

The area of the ancient town of Hoi An with an area of 2 km2 in Minh Anh ward is now planned to be a walking street. Therefore, it is safe to participate in outdoor activities such as Amazing Race. And with the special terrain layout in the style of a chessboard with short and narrow roads, winding, vertical and horizontal makes the search for places become more suitable for participants.


Friendly people and great food

Hoi An retains an ancient culture formed by a blend of Vietnamese, French, Chinese and Japanese. The people here are very hospitable, everywhere you go, you will meet the friendly eyes, the bright smiles of the people in the role of the host welcoming guests.

And when it comes to Hoi An cuisine, there will always be a “great headache” for travelers because of the diversity in cuisine. That will make it difficult to choose which dish you will enjoy. From cao lau, chicken rice, tao pho, banh beo and many other dishes will surely satisfy the most discerning diners.

Hoi An - The ideal place for the Amazing Race