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Bring Value To Your Customer Conference – 20 Years Stably Shine


On 27.11.218, Opearl Events & teambuilding was grateful to be the companion with PTI Ho Chi Minh city in 20 year anniversary of establishment (1998 – 2018). The Customer Conference was held with the participation of more than 320 guests and employees in the Grand Ballroom – 3rd Floor – Sheraton Saigon Hotel.


With the main theme “PTI – 20 years stably shine”, the arrangement in space and light brought a warm, cozy atmosphere and still ensures the elegance for the conference. Especially with the photobooth area decorated with fresh flower backdrop and gratitude tree has become the highlight of the program. This welcome area has attracted a lot of guests to check-in when they attended the customer conference.


Taking the symbol of the diligent, smart, energetic and brave worker bees, Opearl wants to bring out the distinction of their staff that they have been building a nest together called PTI HCM. Over 20 years, PTI has been trained in countless difficulties from the very first days to establish the company, the leading bees of PTI HCM not only forged themselves but also built a typical and strong corporate company culture.

With the interactive LED dance, Opearl wants to convey the meaningful story of PTI HCM. The bees have overcome many ups and downs to build their proud home now.

The interactive LED dance was performed in a new and lively way but no less emotional. The performance ended with glittering eyes and happy smiles of all the guests in the room.


20 year journey is long enough time for a company to prove its position in the market. With PTI HCM, 20 years is a milestone of the pride for each company member. Understanding that the Opearl team always elaborates in every detail and every activity of the party, especially the ceremony – congratulate PTI at the age of 20.

All eyes in the room were on the candlelight of the anniversary cake when the Happy Birthday song was played, everyone raised their cups to congratulate PTI for a new journey ahead.


To be the PTI of today, it is impossible not to mention the contributions of their staff. The awards ceremony took place gravely in the applause of everyone.

To stir the atmosphere of the party, the Opearl team always aim to look for unique ideas. With the lucky draw part, to increase the thrill and drama, the lucky rolling balls were used to choose the lucky customers to receive the precious gifts.

Followed by a series of exciting musical performances from the guests, which made the whole room is “hotter” than ever, especially the performance of dual singer Thu Phuong –  singer Quang Minh, their songs brought the attraction till the very last moment.


To make sure each customer could get the best memory of the PTI customer conference, Opearl decided to hand them the photos at the welcome booth. To make this happened, Opearl team must assure the photo team to work smoothly and quickly so the photos could hand to the customers in time.

The bright smiles of customers after the event are the motivation for OPEARL to keep trying. To build a successful customer conference, Opearl had to elaborate in every detail, from the plan on the paper to reality on stage. This has helped Opearl make the success of the program and fulfill customer trust.