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Lately, Opearl has had an opportunity to be the companion with ATTECH – Hanoi branch for their annual Family day – WE ARE THE ONE. This event was an occasion for parents and their children to bond together and increase family love in teambuilding activities. In addition, participants had a chance to show their talents through the gala with impressive performances. It was also a precious occasion that everyone could meet up and have a relaxing time.


Fly the dream balloons is an irreplaceable activity for ATTECH annual family day. Everyone wrote their dreams, tied them into the colorful balloons and flied them to the sky with the hope that the balloons bringing our dreams could fly as far as possible and come true one day.

family day


The family day was started with fun and strong movements from the dancers. This was a small activites to warm up their spirit for the hard challenges ahead. The laugh and excitement spreat out and everyone was ready for the teambuilding race.

zumba dance


Each challenge was carefully prepared by Opearl to bring not only joy but also meaning.

MAGIC RING – Bringing connect purpose.

team building

FLY CARPET – Dads figured out to bring their children to the finish line as soon as possible, required quick and careful.

family day

Every challenge aimed to the main purpose – bonding and joyful to each individual. Since the main message of the family day is “WE ARE THE ONE”,  all the families  had to do everything together to complete all the challenges. The connection among members is the motivation for success. By connection, we could define true love among family members.


After team building, Gala lunch was the time for everyone to gather around and look back on their achievements in the last year. All the hard work paid off with really good results. All the rewards were given to outstanding individuals in the last year.

family day

In addition, participants had a good time enjoy the special performances from the children. Their cute and exciting dancing stirred up the room. Their talents brought to ATTECH a fresh impression for the gala lunch.

Soap bubbles magic was brought to ATTECH for the first time, the children couldn’t hide their excitement for this performance.

The WE ARE ONE family day took place in an extremely exciting and exciting atmosphere. Each moment together was a precious memory for each person. For the organizers, this event was full of pride and joy. The family day become more precious when it brought small families into a big family. These simple things could bring a really big and meaningful time to everyone.

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When we are tired or fall down, family is always behind, encourage and support us with all love. Therefore, we can stand up, keep moving and suceed. Because of this reason, DHG Pharma always takes care of family’s employees in order to ensure that each of them can work with love and make DHG go further. From that, Family Day was held on 23 of June for all family of employees.

With theme “Together we fly”, Opearl Events created an interesting playground in order to connecting and developing love between family members of DHG Pharma.

One of the meaning activities in this program is “Love Writing”. Small pieces of paper are written wishes and dreams from parents or naïve handwriting from little member of family. All of them were tied to color balloons and dropped to the sky. This moment became unforgettable under a colorful hope sky.

Besides that, action activities and team building could not be missed on Family Day. When parents and their child work through barriers, they would be stronger and stronger. These strength will create a strong army for DHG Pharma and bring them to the next level and go further in the future.

Các bé thỏa sức sáng tạo với các trò chơi vui nhộn

After games and team building, Gala Lunch was organized in warm space with perfomances from DHG, mascots and magic show. These things brought DHG nonstop laughings and relaxing together.

Không gian Gala Lunch ấm cúng và gần gũi với các thành viên DHG

DHG Family Day was not only brought spiritual Values but also an oscasion to commend and reward the excellence result of children’s DHG Employees and the members who had good contributions for company. Thereby, “Together We Fly” Message is what managers of DHG wants to deliver in order to make employees stronger. These are all the meaning of DHG Family Day.