Hoi An - The ideal place for the Amazing Race


For a long time, Hoi An has always been an attractive choice for travel. It is a special city compared to other cities in Vietnam. A peaceful city characterized by the old town, the old roof tiles covered with moss, … and much more to discover, so Hoi An is the ideal place for the Amazing Race.

Hoi An - The ideal place for the Amazing Race

Tourist attraction diverse and unique

Hoi An is a tourist paradise with countless locations throughout the city. Not only diverse in number, but each location also has its own unique features. That particular feature comes from the ancient, mossy that few cities in Vietnam can have.
Hoi An at night is more and more attractive to the light by the gentle light emanating from the lanterns. You will enjoy this space because as entering the old space of hundreds of years ago appears right before your eyes. Despite the passage of time and space, the ancient town of Hoi An retains its most ancient beauty. It is like a place where tourists can find a complex of vestiges preserved almost intact, making Hoi An a unique place in modern annals. All of these are ideal locations for the Amazing Race.

Night at Hoi An

Safety in traffic

The area of the ancient town of Hoi An with an area of 2 km2 in Minh Anh ward is now planned to be a walking street. Therefore, it is safe to participate in outdoor activities such as Amazing Race. And with the special terrain layout in the style of a chessboard with short and narrow roads, winding, vertical and horizontal makes the search for places become more suitable for participants.


Friendly people and great food

Hoi An retains an ancient culture formed by a blend of Vietnamese, French, Chinese and Japanese. The people here are very hospitable, everywhere you go, you will meet the friendly eyes, the bright smiles of the people in the role of the host welcoming guests.

And when it comes to Hoi An cuisine, there will always be a “great headache” for travelers because of the diversity in cuisine. That will make it difficult to choose which dish you will enjoy. From cao lau, chicken rice, tao pho, banh beo and many other dishes will surely satisfy the most discerning diners.

Hoi An - The ideal place for the Amazing Race











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