• innisfree

“Excitement – happiness – devoted to play with peals of laughter”

Innisfree’s feelings still remain the same after Team building & Travel Da Nang – Hoi An organized by Opearl Events.

Another glowing summer is coming, set aside all works, our family go to Hoi An; the mystique of a secluded ancient town, isolated from the modern world and the coastal city Da Nang; a hospitality city with sea breezes.

The first destination is Ba Na Hills with The Golden Bridge described as “giant hands of gods, pulling a strip of gold out of the land.” After that, we absorbed in Hoi An Ancient Town at night with tons of colorful lanterns. Seems like the callousness of the timestream could not bury the ancient feeling of this place.

From Thu Bon River, throughout villages to poetic Cua Dai. Cu Lao Cham loom from a far with a shimmering magical beauty. At here, we are visited Museum of Marine Culture, Champa Well, Hai Tang Pagoda, Tan Hiep Market. We are even more excited to go sea diving and submerged in glowing coral reefs with indescribable feelings at the moment. The Marble Moutains with dreamy scenery, pagodas, caves, trees suddenly became a fairyland that brings peacefulness to visitors. Beside sightseeing and relaxing activities, all the teams had brought out their best in Team Building Games the next day.

Through this Team Building & Travel Event, Innisfree members have chances to connect to each other, improve teamwork and more important, Innisfree family has fate and strength to conquer new challenges.

Thanks to Opearl Events for strive their best to bring us this extraordinary experience.