Common training bored you? You are finding modern, new training methods that makes both listener and trainer feel like they are improving themselves by conquering something together?
In the training programs that I was invited to attend, I was very impressed with how well organized the whole corporation was. I felt super satisfied for the knowledge that I achieved after the trip.
When I was invited to attend the training in Ba Ria, I thought it going to be the same as the previous program that I attended. But I was wrong. I stepped in the room surprisingly. That was such an interesting thing that I have never seen in any other training. Together we experienced conquering Everest through Peak Performance – 4.0 technology game.
Together we play together we learn. In the game’s progress, there are several of elements needed for conquering Everest. Below are experiences that I achieved after the training.

– Improve Leadership Skills

Leaders has big role in Peak Performance. They are the ones who gathering people, ideas of members in group to give out right decisions and lead the team to conquer Everest.

– Make An Action Plan

From the start, we must make a plan and a specific direction. Every individual must knows their role and has the same purpose to achieve team’s goals.

– Improve Discipline

In the conquering Everest expedition, there are rules we cannot break. Conquerors must completely follow the rules. If there is one or more members that break the rules, there will be sacrifice. Although it just an emulator, it still express common problems in corporations clearly.

– Mindset changing

Members will show they true self through challenges. We probably be the winner or the loser.
The winner is the one who always find methods to face the challenges, the loser is the one just keep complaining, blaming… Peak Performance will help you see members true selves to change their mindset.

– Measuring

The beauty in this game is we can specify numbers. Measuring will rate the efficiency among teams; hence give out methods to support.

– Fire proves gold, adversity proves men

At first, the score may not high because of the lacks. But through hard training progress, together you can conquer this mountain.

I HAD CONQUERED THE ONE AND ONLY EVEREST, WHAT ABOUT YOU? If you want to experience conquering Everest, contact Opearl Events for details. You have questions, we have answers.