• You want to have a training-travel session for your corporate on the business trip to Vietnam?
  • Saigon, Hanoi seem so familiar in many ways and now you want to be recommended something new and unique in its way?

Mai Chau is the best recommendation as it is a world away from Hanoi’s hustle with its breathtaking aerial view. It is so different than hectic and busy Hanoi, by being set in an idyllic valley and hemmed in by hills. It is believed to be the most perfect tonic for soul nurturing and refreshing.



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Our role is to create the most suitable environment with the aim of connecting people culturally and emotionally by our special designed program focusing on the key message that every corporate leader expects.


Amazing Race is an activity where the participants have chances to see stirring rice fields, and the real everyday life of Vietnamese people around Mai Chau, as well as explore its tranquil & fantastic scenes under kinds of special cultural activities designed by OPEARL team.

With the help of Go Team App – the exclusive product from Catalyst Teambuilding Vietnam, we are sure that participants will receive lots of lessons about teamwork, leadership, etc with the aim of boosting the company development effectively after the journey.


What can be more beautiful than watching people working on the rice fields, cows or oxen walking with no chains and herdsmen’s supervision? Moreover, you will find the most interesting thing that locals you meet here don’t insist you to buy from them if you don’t have interest in, instead always smiling and happy when having tourist coming to their village.

Sites set in Go Team App with those special culture-exploring activities to explore Mai Chau natural charm with its people and rare luxurious-eco combination.


Mai Chau Stilt House – Why should visit?

Stilt house is a common sight in Mai Chau. It borders both sides of the roads and is quite large with palm leaf roofs and polished bamboo-slat floors. Its kitchen is located in the centre of the house, and it is the place that the cooking, the making of colorful ‘Thổ Cẩm’ – clothes material used by Thai minority take place. Moreover, its windows are large and decorated with patterns. Each house also has a pond to breed fish.

These kinds of house architecture help people here protect against rising water and dangerous animals.


Mai Chau Village Market – Why should visit?

Mai Chau is a small town, with one main street, occupied by a small market. A visit to Mai Chau market is to explore what a tropical region has to offer.


  • It is recommended that you should try Vietnamese oranges from the local orchards. They are so sweet and tasty as they don’t have any preservatives that makes than extremely healthy. It is also extremely trusted by Vietnamese people from other areas to purchase.
  • Local do not employ strong-arm sales tactics here: polite bargaining is the norm.

Moreover, if you visit Mai Chau on the weekend then you have chance to visit Mai Chau Sunday market. People from different minorities living in the mountains come to Mai Chau market to sell their specific products: real honey, bananas, corn and ‘Thổ Cẩm’ made by skilled Thai women.

Thai people usually dance and sing in something that visitors cannot afford to ignore in this market.

Things to do that you should try once in your life at Mai Chau:


Buying traditional-style textile products:

Thai women are masterful weavers producing plenty of traditional-style textiles. Buying things like hand-made scarves from local women is a great way to support Mai Chau community. You will find that people here are willing to support you without any purchasing back.

Moreover, you cannot find any Starbucks, McDonald’s and shopping malls here as it may lose its original charm and beauty. Therefore, you fully experience the nature and its origin here as what you expected.



Tay Bac Night Activity – why should join?

Right here, you will have a chance to experience Thai clothes, bamboo dancing, ‘Cần’ wine, Kanh Loong – cultural activity experience, etc.

  • Bamboo dancing: it is believed to derived from Mai Chau people’s working life and living habits. For example, fluttering dance is a simple form of dance when people holding hands around the fire with the joy and happiness after a successful hunting or a celebration on new house built. What we usually find here is that visitors are hands in hands with local boys and girls under this interesting dancing.
  • ‘Cần’ wine: is famous for its contribution to Thai cuisine culture. Once upon a time, Thai people believed that ‘Cần’ wine was only created by the wisdom and clever of their daughter-in-law. Mountain feeling is specially accompanied with the taste of glutinous rice under a woman’s deft hand with unique taste created.
  • Kánh loóng: is a unique form of Mai Chau people’s cultural activities, which is related directly to Thai people’s existence and development in Mai Chau in specific as well as in Vietnam in general. Loóng: It is a musical instrument for Thai women to play.

Moreover, explore the small villages by bike or work in the rice fields are considered as the most memorable activities that OPEARL team for sure will offer you in this journey. So now you not only watch the real farmer doing hard to earn money but you also experience the feeling to really love and be appreciated these friendly people.

Mai Chau itself is unappealing, but just outside the patchwork of rice fields rolls out, speckled by tiny Thai villages where visitors doss down for the night in traditional stilt houses and wake up to a rural soundtrack defined by gurgling irrigation streams and birdsong.

Key business benefits

Activity Highlight:

      • Wander the lively streets of Mai Chau.
      • Dive into Mai Chau original living habits & lifestyles.
      • Great spot for photography lovers and natural lovers.
      • Explore Mai Chau unique cuisine & natural products, clothes.

Training Highlight:

    • Business Responsibility
    • Effective Cross-Functional Co-operation
    • Strategy Communication
    • Negotiation Skill
    • Networking
    • Practical Leadership
    • Uniting Team
    • Project Planning


  • Half/ Full day
  • Mai Chau
  • Collaborative
  • Minimum: 40
  • Maximum: Unlimited

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