teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion


The best way to learn effectively is to experience and discover yourself firsthand. From discovering yourself, you will also understand your teammates in order to create cohesion between the team members. So Team Building activities are built with the aim of bringing individual experiences and increasing team cohesion. That engagement in the short term will bring direct results to the business results and in the long term will still bring positive factors.

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion

Team Building – Learn from experience

Team: Together Everyone Achieve More – Team together contribute to gain more. And Building is construction. Team buiding: Building a team. A good team is built from strong individuals and team building is a factor that promotes the development of individuals and serves as a foundation for the development of the collective. Especially for companies that lack the attachment or unwanted conflicts between employees.

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion

The team building program is based on building activities so that participants can experience the situation through the requirements of the organizers. From there, you draw practical lessons (attitudes, behaviors, etc.) that can be applied not only in your work but also in your personal life. Team building combines practice – evaluation – training to motivate, bring people closer together, create strength to work towards common goals.

For company with many branches, team building needs to be organized periodically to increase opportunities for learning and cooperation in work with the entire group’s personnel. When the company has a new project, adding new departments / divisions, team building activities will be a place where new members are closer, sympathetic and cohesive to achieve more efficiency. Or as soon as the internal unit appears to be in conflict, the company should organize team building so that members can solve the problem smoothly.

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion

After a team building course, participants will find a lot of fun as well as draw useful lessons for themselves and the team:

– Communicating with each other is easier and more effective, especially for employees who do not have the same part of the company, or people in the same department but rarely have the opportunity to work together.

– Internship to become “Team leader” through planning, organizing, assigning tasks, arranging and arranging members and resources appropriately to guide the team towards achieving common goals.

– Based on collective strength to create and propose solutions to solve problems.

– Recognize the personality of the other team members, the strengths and weaknesses of each one to complement and coordinate with each other to work better.

– Ability to forecast, plan, prevent risks, handle unexpected situations …

– Manage and use the resources of the business well.

– Building a spirit of solidarity, mutual trust, healthy competition between teams, recognizing the “comprehensive picture” and towards the common success of the company.

– Create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort, learning fun to reduce stress in daily work.

– In addition, depending on the nature of the work and the requirements of the company leadership, the teambuilding program organizer may include other meanings for the departments: management, sales, project, manufacturing…

teambuilding - dose of collective cohesion








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