To be able to build a successful year-end party theme, businesses need to spend a lot of time researching and understanding the trends of organizing Year End Party events. Here are some interesting Year End Party topics for businesses to refer to and apply.

1. Beach and Pool Party

The idea of organizing Year End Party is a fairly new form of organization, suitable for young people, who like the dynamism, breakthrough, play hard in the lively spotlight, attractive with the performances of top DJs. Already a Year End Party, in addition to eating and playing, it is also indispensable to give speeches, give gifts and perform exciting performances. After the main activities, all members will join together in extremely fun and interesting water games such as water guns, underwater balloon transmissions, air floats,… or team games for people to connect closer together. In addition, Pool Party programs are usually held at noon in the afternoon, or in the evening with fast food, cocktails or barbecue will be extremely special.

2. Underground Concept

Inspired by the hottest Vietnamese Rap contest in the past year, this is a party that mixes graffiti, hiphop, electronic music mixed with a little dust of the street to create a new space, will be a party to break all rules and will be the expression space of business members for this year. All attendees will dress coolly instead of preliminaries that are too elegant to fit the show's theme.

3. Carnival and Cosplay

No need to wait until Halloween to have the opportunity to dress up as a favorite character, you should immediately transform the year-end party of the business into a   costume party, The one-of-a-kind Carnival on the market!

Instead of playing the devil, suggest that customers dress up as their favorite characters; Instead of having to organize  traditional  festivals  ,  propose customers to  participate in a  festival with vibrant     dances,  with colors  colorful  from   the  costumes and  virtuosic  dances   of  dancers in  beautiful wings.

To increase the excitement for this new year-end theme, the Organizing Committee should nominate more attractive gifts and be announced right from the time the business conducts communication before the event.

Because this is a form of year-end event that few businesses do, when you decide to choose this topic as the main Concept Year End Party, it is easy to attract the attention of the public, especially the media after the event ends.

4. White Night Party

The White Gala dinner is an annual event in major capitals such as Paris, New York. All attendees dressed in white suits and enjoyed a luxurious party in the evening outdoors. This theme will bring a certain synchronicity to the year-end party. When everyone wears the same color of clothing.  Planning this party just needs to pay attention to: costumes, performances, cock-tail, sweets, set up tables and chairs, lighting, sounds … is that people can immerse themselves in a gentle romantic space that is equally delicate.

5. City By Light

Have  you   ever  immersed yourself in the   light  space of the city at night?  The  return of City by Light will  mark  an important  moment for  employees  coming to the company. City by Light    will be  a  colorful night party,  people can be more vibrant  through each dress code.  The stage will explode with eye-catching,  vibrant and colorful  performances  by dance troupes and singers,… Games and cocktails are also indispensable to make  the party more perfect.

6. SandLake

The hourglass symbolizes not wasting time because grains of sand fall from above like time passes, will never come back. Cherish every moment of companionship together in a team and cohesion to create more value for the company.  the desire to send to all employees the message to burn with work with capacity and time. Because we always step forward, never back down.

The future of each of us is determined by the actions of the present, with the vision of sustainable and long-term development of each individual officer, employee as well as the company. Each of us always grasps the present together, accompanying to build a 2023 breakthrough, success and strong and long-term development future

7. Oscar Concept

Meaning to shine on the red carpet, inspired by the Oscars – the world's most prestigious film award, this Concept Year End Party is very suitable for companies with a large number of awards awarded to individuals and employees who have contributed to the development of the company during the past year.

Highlights of Concept Oscar Night:

– The splendid red carpet is stretched from the entrance to the main hall, giving the participant the feeling of a famous star.

– Grand award stage with many outstanding performances.

8. Prom Night Party

Prom Party, also known as Prom Night, is a farewell gala attended by most of the teachers and students in the school. In Western countries, the Prom party is a very important and memorable memory for schoolchildren and students. This Prom party can be seen as a traditional party in schools.

Businesses can rely on this idea to organize a year-end party for the company. Coming to the Prom Night party at the end of the year, men will wear luxurious Texedo or black suits; women will wear glamorous evening dresses to the party. Activities at the party will mostly be eating, dancing with dance partners. In particular, there will be a performance to give the king and queen – The couple is said to be the most talented and brightest at the party.

9. Hawaii Concept

Hawaiian theme is very suitable for outdoor year-end parties such as the beach. The party will be decorated with vibrant summer style and eye-catching tropical colors. Guests will wear charming and fresh Halu costumes. With this theme, the buffet is an extremely suitable choice, with diverse and colorful dishes. Businesses can organize this year-end party with the beach building team to create many interesting and impressive activities.

10. Return to Youth

Along with the continuous development of science, technology, modern technology … However, the memories; the habits of the past are always beautiful and remain forever in the heart of each person.  The  Year End Party idea is themed back in time; going back in time will help people remember the good years of an old time. Reminiscent of the traditional beauty in the culture of the nation.

Specifically, the Party will be pieces of memories of people's childhood. Every scene is ancientized with the same dresscode as in the old days.  Youcan hold a  Year End Party with the theme of going back to the 60s and 90s. With decorative items such as bicycles, antique motorcycles … For guests attending the party, they can wear jeans, patterned shirts, women with puffy hair, men split between …

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