Bridging the Devide

Collaborative teamwork to build the bridge.


In Bridging the Divide, teams construct a bridge, or a piece of a bridge, according to client requirements despite limited resources, communication difficulties, and stringent deadlines. Each team designs, decorates, and brands their bridge, and prizes are awarded for the most inventive engineering design, the best branding, and the most effective use of resources.

The final building component of the competition involves the installation of each team's bridge as part of the enormous, extended business bridge. Driving a remote-controlled car over the whole length of the enlarged bridge is the thrilling grand finale.


Each team is both a supplier and a customer in Bridging the Divide, a demanding and entertaining team-building activity. The ultimate objective is total collaboration, and success needs constant customer relationship management and an awareness of communication's ripple effects.

To succeed with limited time and resources, teams use intelligent project management. This engaging, hands-on session has several potent analogies. It emphasizes the significance of cross-functional collaboration to overall objectives.

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