Teams construct a giant model city


In City Build, teams create a part of a miniature city. The city has industrial, residential, recreational, and commercial districts, as well as infrastructural elements such as highways, trains, and canals. The team works on its own area, but collaborates with other teams to ensure that there is consistency of design throughout the zones and that transportation networks flow cohesively with the portions of other teams next to theirs and across the city as a whole. Using a variety of materials, they construct a creative and innovative city that is both practical and visually attractive. At the end of the allotted time, teams unite the portions of the city and celebrate their achievement in achieving a shared objective.


Teams collaborate to build a shared vision and plan, which they implement with innovation and superior project management abilities. Planning and strategy via efficient cross-team communication and cooperation are crucial for ensuring the interconnection and flow of the city's zones. Creativity within a disciplined design framework guarantees that the city is useful, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to resource and time management, timely completion of the project also depends on organizational skills. City Build is a joyful, memorable, shared event that requires participation from all participants, strong team chemistry, and group cooperation to be successful.

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