Flat Out Formula One

Team construct and race life-size F1 racing cars.


In Flat Out – Formula 1 Teams, an almost full-size Formula 1 racing vehicle is assembled from a flat-pack kit in a short amount of time. Once created, teams customize their vehicles to distinguish them on the circuit. Finally, the time of the Grand Prix comes, and the teams line up their vehicles at the starting line. The checkered flag is flown, and the race begins with one team member at the wheel of each vehicle as it is pushed down the circuit. In a dazzling awards ceremony, the top three teams ascend the podium.


Teams must efficiently assign roles and responsibilities and establish tight cross-functional coordination to guarantee the construction project is completed on schedule and according to plan. It is a difficult project that demands the application and participation of every member of the team. Teams employ their creative and artistic abilities to customize their Formula One cars. As tight pit changes will determine the winner or loser of the final race, teams train to enhance the procedure. The final race invigorates the teams' healthy competitive spirit!

For the teambuilding program in details, please contact us at info@opearlevents.com 

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