Flat Out Pyramid Puzzle

Team collaborate to create and decorate a giant pyramid.


In this inventive and entertaining team-building exercise, each team is provided with materials, tools, and comprehensive construction blueprints and charged with assembling a large pyramid from a “flat-pack” kit. Teams then paint their pyramids with phrases and color that correspond to your corporate message, conference theme, or possibly a charity of your choosing.

Each pyramid's embellishment should generate a consistent pattern when combined with other pyramid segments. Alternately, custom stickers may be created to decorate the components of your pyramid after they are assembled. The challenge continues in a group-wide rewarding collaborative team building exercise in which all teams combine their own pyramids to produce a massive pyramid.


This classic team-building activity starts with a “me focus” as each person works on their individual piece of the puzzle. Resource management and quality control are required to guarantee that the basic building blocks are delivered on time and to a uniform level. As participants engage in an interactive problem-solving activity that develops the next level of building blocks, “team concentration” follows.

To accomplish the shared aim of merging all the pieces into a coherent pyramid, “whole group attention” is necessary. Your company's message is immediately reinforced since it is included into the final structure. It serves as a reminder of the strength of cooperating for a single objective. To create a sequence of shapes and then arrange them into a pyramid requires problem-solving abilities – it's like a giant 3D puzzle!

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