Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas encourages cultural tolerance and acceptance as the holiday season approaches. Encouraged are understanding and regard for persons with diverse origins.

This practice also improves your teammates' hearing comprehension. Keep the Christmas spirit alive by providing accurate answers to timed tasks requiring fast thinking and accuracy. This allows remote workers to observe Memorial Day on the Christmas holiday while they work together.

Escape the Blizzard

Let's strengthen the resiliency of your team using Escape the Blizzard. It was designed with the express goal of developing cooperation, with various puzzle components that could only be solved via collaboration.

The immersive theme and engaging tasks that inspire discussion and promote the sharing of personal tales enable team members to get to know one another on a deeper level.

Due to the fact that the game's challenges are based on real-world survival abilities, players will have a greater grasp of what it takes to survive in the vast outdoors.

This exercise is also suitable for remote workers throughout the next holiday season.

Swipe face House Party

Swipe Face is based on the banter and personal contact that would often occur at an office party. During a Swipe Face House party, players may relax and get to know one another on a more intimate level.

The game mechanics foster an atmosphere in which individuals of diverse backgrounds and orientations may enjoy themselves together. The game's focus on resource inventiveness and the ensuing comedy help to the maintenance of connections, the expansion of the company's culture, and the motivation of remote workers.

On demand, we'll adapt the Swipe Face user interface to suit your company's visual identity and key messaging.

Global Festival Game

With the aid of the Global Festival Game, remote employees are able to break out of their silos, participate in discussion, and build informal ties via their job.

Each level of the game provides a chance to evaluate and improve one's approach to problem-solving. The more they know about the music industry and how to express that knowledge effectively, the more points their team will get. Time and resource constraints encourage teams to think creatively and make the most of what they have.

The performance of the team may be maximized by assigning duties to team members in line with their respective areas of competence.

Race Around The World – Festival edition

The holiday-themed “Race Around the World” game encourages remote employees to communicate with one another outside of their specified jobs and to establish informal relationships with coworkers in the office. Even though there are several unknowns, the team starts the game by strategizing and then becomes more flexible as the game develops.

Collaborative problem-solving and information collecting need an inquisitive mind, innovative ideas, and honed investigative abilities. The architecture of the game guarantees that players will enhance their ability to listen carefully and communicate effectively and succinctly in online contexts.

Members of the same team may deepen their relationships by working toward a similar objective, and everyone can enjoy a holiday-themed virtual vacation throughout the globe for the remote employee team.

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