Why should businesses conduct staff integration days?

The integration of personnel via diverse activities increases the organization's productivity. It is a fact. People who know each other better and how they respond in various settings, including the workplace, are simply more efficient. They have improved interactions and more mutual understanding. They may rely on one another in a variety of scenarios that naturally arise at work.

What concerns did you have?

It was the largest game I had ever planned in terms of player count. I've done it twice, in two separate companies, and both times were quite different. The first time I was really worried, since there were perhaps 130 to 150 people there. The game was played in the United Kingdom. Participants represented every continent. The team was not homogenous, yet members were interrelated.

There were several skepticisms. Initially, the game was done exclusively in English, and functional teams were comprised of individuals from many nations and continents. Consequently, I had reservations. But as the game progressed, it became clear that these fears were absolutely unwarranted. At first, there is a period of sluggish progress, followed by a phase in which everyone begins rushing while holding cards and collecting information. Each table chooses a plan sooner or later. Some leaders have a natural demeanor. It is absolute mayhem.

Why choose The Tree of Life?

I used to arrange a variety of gatherings, such as integration days with physical activities and sports. Without a sure, they are also instructive and valuable. But games were a revelation to me for two reasons: first, they facilitate team cohesion, and second, they perfectly target the areas that I consider crucial to the company. I was quite awestruck. The Tree of Life game is a blend of integration and the many stages and elements that each firm experiences.

For me, the most important aspects of The Tree of Life game are the workers' participation and their focus on achieving their objectives. Rapidly, all leadership abilities and competencies become evident. People adhere to their roles very quickly and exhibit a high level of enthusiasm that may be readily transferred – after the game's debriefing – to the workplace, the office, and often to daily circumstances.

Is The Tree of Life suited to a company offsite?

Yes. We used The Tree of Life for an offsite. There were 110 participants in the game. Everything was well prepared, and the game was designed as a cohesive piece of the overall offsite objective. I had newly joined the firm as a leader, and we addressed such fundamentals as the organization's mission, values, objectives, and vision.

Double Payback was the name of the concept that we then gave to the whole workforce, which we discussed as a management team. After all the previous phases, the ultimate objective of the game was to double the score. The game went so well and was played with such vigor that we were able to ultimately quadruple the score. It was wonderful because it made everyone believe that if an organization is focused on its goals and understands its priorities, it completes tasks very quickly, even under time pressure, and is able to not only achieve the result, which is a vision – because doubling the business is a fantastic vision – but also make even more money and triple the initial score. It is a very high dosage of confidence. If everyone in the company is focused on the same objective, we can achieve anything.

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