1. What is a Key moment?

In each event, the biggest goal that the organizers aim for is to make a strong  impression  and make  an  indelible mark in the mind.   of each person  attending the event, thereby  remembering longer about the business or brand.

Key moment is a powerful tool that  can  do this extremely effectively. To truly be the   highlight of the  event, the  Key moment must truly convey the message in an extremely   creative, unique and impressive form.

2. How to produce an impressive Key moment?

When  everything  is  special, it means that nothing  is special

Key moment only maximizes its role when the  event  organizer  knows how to put the  performance at the perfect moment, which is “right” repertoire, at the right time.”  So,   to get that “right”, we need to ensure the following requirements:

● The message that the brand wants to convey must be “coded” in a way that is appropriate for the event audience. This is the factor that ensures the “soul” of the Key moment, avoiding the situation of “good painting of rotten wood”, requiring event workers to be really understand the brand, have knowledge of Branding and Marketing.

● Having understood correctly , enough message of the brand, we must find a way to express it in a unique, catchy, eye-catching way to attract the maximum. the attention and focus of the audience, the level of success of the key moment will be directly proportional to your creativity

● Although creativity is unlimited , the ability to realize ideas and resources is limited. Therefore, we need to know the technology and art to make sure that our good idea is not a sentence. Far-fetched story

● Many elaborate performances require the coordination of many equipment and personnel, so the ability to coordinate and direct the main stage is an extremely important factor, deciding whether the process of expression is smooth, flawless or not.

3. Top 6 Hottest Key Moment Ideas 2022

LED Effect

The combination of beautiful effects and vivid sound will be the visual and auditory stimulation of the audience into the performance. LED effect videos will be especially suitable for product launch events, GALA awards to make the event atmosphere more attractive.

LED Interactive Performance

If only the LED effects on the screen have not satisfied you, the skillful coordination between the dancers and the stage effects will create a result. unexpected fruit . The skillful movements combined perfectly with the technique will make the entire audience focus on the performance.

Storytelling Performance

Each business has its own unique story that reflects its operations and development, and dancers and singers reproduce those stories artistically and emotionally through elaborately choreographed repertoire, deep scripts, and great performance skills.

Key Visual Model Interaction

Key Visual or The main image of the program is another extremely important factor that makes up the unique imprint of the program. All event media publications must be consistent around Key Visual. Moreover , many events also skillfully apply Key Visual to Key Moment, bringing images into realistic models in many similar ways. extremely unique and interesting work.

Launching Gimmick

Events with the aim of creating a strong source of motivation, a determination to achieve the expected goal such as inauguration ceremonies, The groundbreaking ceremony, the product launch ceremony will be very suitable for this form.

Fill Key visual with Champaign

A party like a year-end party, customer appreciation party will be the perfect object to apply this form of interaction. It expresses a desire to reap good results under the cooperation and efforts of all parties.

Balloon Effect

 If you are looking for a truly epic moment that does not cost too much, this is an option worth considering . The Key Visual model with a giant bubble with the moment when it all soars together creates a special emotion, a desire to rise. new heights.

Assembling the last piece of Key Visual

Every business needs to have a truly united and well-matched team towards the same goal. general is to prosper the business. That message can be fully conveyed in this form, when each individual understands that he or she is a piece of the puzzle. replaceable to create a perfect picture.

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