Top 5 Team Building Ideas for An Exciting Company Trip


Team building activities ideas is one of the most crucial element to make a unique Team Building program. Nowaday, the more popular team building activities are, the similar the team building program is. Because of that, finding new ideas and designing fascinating Team Building scripts is always the first tendency of corporations. Knows the needs, Opearl Events shares with you the ways to find suitable and unique ideas.

1. Exploratory Team building

  • exploratory teambuilding

This form of Team Building is suitable for corporations that love to explore, venturous feeling. Location for this kind of program is usually forests, caves or non-human nature places.
Team players will be equipped tools such as life jacket, tent, GPS, bicycle. With a guide, teams will have to complete challenges and solve puzzles to find clues of game stations.

2. Beach Team building

team building ideas

This is one of the most favorite kind of teambuilding. There are tons of ideal beach to organize teambuilding like Mui Ne, Ke Ga, Nha Trang… Teams will have to face energizer activities either on the beach and in the sea like balls passing, boat racing, treasures diving.. This form of teambuilding will help corporation have good times good experiences. However, teams will have to be completely follow the rules and guides from organizer to ensure safety during activities progress.

3. Cultural Learning Team building

Team building ideas

This form of Teambuilding is suitable for almost corporations. Opearl will chooses a cultural region and gives out challenges at specific stations. Teams will have to do cultural related challenges like cooking, weaving, playing flute.. based on the terrain and cultural region.
The purpose is to remake usual games, connect members và help them find out about unique cultures of native people.

4. Intellectual Team building

team building ideas

For corporations that look for creativity, this form of Teambuilding is indispendable. Simple teambuilding games will have intelligent materials added. Teams will have to brainstorm and solve difficult puzzles, how to escape from a room or some dangerous places. If you know how to develop the idea, it will bring a great value, increase creativity and support for corporation business.

5. Survival Team building

survival team building

This form of Teambuilding is kind of new. Survival Teambuilding is added into games to force teams find ways to handle and survive in the artificial environment.
Location is usually rugged terrain likes forest, mountain… teams’ members will be equipped maps, tents, specific amount of waters & foods. Items such as money, mobilephones.. will be confiscated until the end of the program.

All of the above are Ideas for organizing Teambuilding for corporations and companies. If you still have questions, contact Opearl Events to get advise about your next Teambuilding program.