Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race


For almost all companies, team building is an annual activity organized to enhance cohesion among employees in the company. But over the years with the traditional team building activities at the beach, the conference room, … it was definitely boring. So why not try team building Amazing Race with many diverse challenges. And every region across Vietnam with its own distinctive features is an extremely ideal location for Amazing Race.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

What is Amazing Race?

Amazing Race is a very famous and popular reality gameshow in Vietnam and around the world. When participating in this program, you will experience extremely interesting and unique activities. This program is not just encapsulated in a house or beach but can take place in a large area like a ward, a district or the whole city.

The teams will participate in a variety of challenges from the organizers, which are declassified mail activities to find the next location, simulate daily activities of the local people and many another kind of challenge. Challenges are set based on regional geography, customs and practices of local people and the unique characteristics of each area.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

What does Amazing Race bring to the participants?

When participating in team building Amazing Race, players will participate in both physical and intellectual activities based on the unique cultural characteristics of the people and the organization area. It is a great opportunity to experience and improve the knowledge and understanding of the regions.

Not only is the individual factor mentioned, but teamwork is also a factor of concern. Collective activities in challenges will increase the interaction and coordination among members. For each different challenge, the members will have different roles and tasks. Members will exchange information, assign tasks in order to overcome challenges quickly and with the best results.

The physical challenge will require participants to have a good physical strength, quick wits in problem solving. Flexibility and rapid adaptation will be a great advantage when faced with a variety of different requirements.

Amazing Race is a new and unique form of team building, so it will attract the attention and response of the participants. Participants who need to be knowledgeable about geography, culture, and history will be able to help their teams overcome challenges more quickly than other teams.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

Join Amazing Race, players will be able to participate directly in the activities of the regional culture such as making crafts, farming, cooking specialties, doing daily activities of the local people. .

Amazing Race will bring a lot of benefits to the business. Helping members of the company to show their ability and understand more about their team. Also helps leaders and managers better understand the competence and character of their employees.

Why is Vietnam the ideal venue for Amazing Race?

Vietnam is a country with a land stretching from south to north with many different regions and areas, and each place has its own characteristics.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

The diversity in geography

Vietnam is characterized by its long and narrow middle with many hilly areas along with two large plains. That abundance will be the premise to choose the location of the Amazing Race at the discretion of each company.

The West is characterized by intermittent river systems, hundreds of spanning bridges. The central region is long and narrow with roads running along the mountains and along the sea. The big city areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh are big and small roads, interwoven together to create mazes for newcomers. The hilly areas with a cool climate are also a great venue for Amazing Race.

Vite Nam - The Ideal Place For Amazing Race

The diversity in culture

It is the diversity in geography that creates the cultural and social characteristics of each region. Maybe go to the West to challenge yourself with farming activities, explore floating markets in the river. Or to Dalat, cities in the Northwest to enjoy the cool air, the slopes up and down. If your company likes ancient and peaceful, Hue or Hoi An will be great choices. And if you want to have yellow sand, blue sea, bright sunshine, the coastal cities like Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, … will be an option not to be missed.



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