About us


Oriental Pearl Co. Ltd – Ngoc Phuong Dong Communication and Tourism Co. Ltd is a vibrant company founded in 2011 by a group of passionate and innovative businesspeople.

In 2017, the shorter name was formally announced and utilized as Opearl in order to facilitate client recall of the brand.

Details about the company's founders

Mr. Truong Van Hoang

Mr. Truong Van Hoang, co-founder of Oriental Pearl Co., Ltd, is responsible for the company's brand development strategy and personally controls the Hoang Team Building brand's inbound client market (www. hoangteambuilding.com). Currently, he serves as the company's chairman.

Mr. Truong Van Hoang has approximately 20 years of experience in the fields of corporate event planning and team development for global firms entering Vietnam.

Details about the company's founders

Mrs. Ho Thi Lien

Mrs. Ho Thi Lien is a co-founder of the firm and is responsible for creating corporate events on the domestic market under the Opearl brand (www.opearl.com.vn). She presently serves as the director of the organization.

Mrs. Ho Thi Lien has over a decade of experience in arranging team development, seminars, and MICE vacations for Vietnamese and international companies.


A few details on our area of organization.

Team Building Activities

This is a good product from Opearl. It was made by a team of people from team training centers who know a lot about tourism and have a lot of experience putting on events and running in-house Team Building programs. and in nature. Team Building programs run by Opearl are mostly for building teams in corporations.

Team Building programs at Opearl are always set up to help the business reach certain goals. The goals can include things like strengthening human solidarity, raising life goals, improving leadership vision, boosting energy, fostering breakthrough thinking, tightening personnel discipline, training people to be persistent, making them more competitive, and so on.

Not only does Opearl help with tourism and picnics, but it also works with the Board of Directors and Human Resources Department of companies to “check pulse” to find “disease” and to understand the cause of “disease” that the company's employees have, make medical records, and plan the best “treatment courses” based on what customers want.

With the above goals in mind, we've made more than 40 different Team Building programs for customers at home and abroad.

Event Management

Event management is also one of Opearl's strong points. Using what they've learned in school and on the job, our team has helped many businesses put on big events. and become a trusted partner for the important events of these companies. We don't just hold annual meetings for employees and customers of multinational corporations (Annual General Meeting), award ceremony events (Award Ceremony), and competitions with a purpose. Charity Challenges, dinner party (Dinner and Private Party), product launch (Product Launch), consulting event venue (Venue Finding), and Opearl's staff also organize successful production credit for a number of TV projects that have been shown on TV stations, etc.

With the above goals in mind, we've made more than 40 different Team Building programs for both domestic and international clients.

Conference Planning and Design

OPearl's organization of client conferences and seminars is also an important offering. We offer seminars and conferences for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City's inner city residents. From Ho Chi Minh City to opulent tourist sites like Hoi An, Ha Long, Hue, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, etc. Foreign tourist sites such as China, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia are also included on the list of venues for seminars to be conducted within the clients' budgetary constraint

With a lot of experience and a network of partners across the country and around the world. Most of the programs that OPearl events – Corporate Events & Team Building organizes have been successful. This is because the company has experience negotiating, is sensitive to each customer's needs, is sophisticated, can improvise, and is good at organizing. We have experience putting together both large and small, short-term and long-term groups with special needs.

Customers like that we are a professional event planning company with a team of well-trained workers. OPearl Events Company – Corporate Events & Team Building offers customers with confidence the best solutions in the fields of event planning, team building, staff training, and working together to build the business's brand.