Some visitors to Singapore might be under the impression that the city-state doesn't provide much in the way of Halloween activities. Tell me about a time you had a great Halloween memory. The worst fright possible? Most successful night of trick-or-treating? Or spending the day acting out a fictional role. Without your loved ones around, it simply wouldn't have been the same. They're the reason Halloween isn't so scary, and you all had a blast bonding despite the frightening atmosphere. If you're looking for some fresh ideas for this year's Halloween celebration, keep reading!

1. Halloween Horror Nights

In Singapore, HHN at Universal Studios is the scariest and most anticipated Halloween event of the year. Each year, USS presents a new set of topics that represent vices in our daily lives. Narcissism, narcissistic behavior, perversion, and fixation are all included in this category. Having said that, are you prepared to go? Do not assume anything! We challenge you to check out HHN when it opens on September 29!

2. Horror Movie Show

If you'd rather celebrate this holiday at home, a movie marathon will do the trick. Obviously, a Christmas movie is out of the question on Halloween. So turn off the lights, grab some popcorn, and settle back for a marathon of terrifying films. The Corpse Bride and Monsters, Inc. are both good options for a movie to watch with the kids. If everyone in your home is over the age of 16, though, you may want to explore a scarier option like Friday the 13th.

3. SaberFit Classes and Saber Tag

Saber Fit is a high-intensity workout that combines the use of fighting sabers, the study of saber-based striking methods, and standard fitness drills. When you're feeling like giving up during your workout, you might listen to music that pumps you up and keeps you going. Both inexperienced exercisers and seasoned pros will find them to be a welcome addition to their routine. You might also participate in a saber tag game, which offers a variety of playing modes. Ranging from “Defenders of the Galaxy” through “Battlestar Galactica” and “Galaxy Wars,” and more! For those who are interested, The Fun Empire is offering a discount for Halloween.

4. Trick or Treat at Woodgrove

Woodlands Woodgrove is a great spot to go trick-or-treating with the kids. In the northern part of Singapore, you'll find a row of homes decked out in full Halloween regalia, ready and waiting to hand out treats. Some houses are really well-decorated, and having creepy music playing in the background only adds to the thrill of the whole thing. Put on a costume you made up for this special event. You should bring a white pillowcase to store your sweets in. Do it quickly before the candy in the homes is all eaten up!

5. Making Caramel Apples

Candy apples, toffee apples, or caramel apples are a staple of the Halloween celebration. Gather your pals and prepare this delicacy that comes around once a year. You'll need apples, caramels, and your preferred toppings (we recommend crushed peanuts, cookie crumbs, rainbow rice, and M&Ms) from the grocery store. You may create your own version of Halloween caramel apples using any of the many recipes you can find online.

Follow this list of 5 things to do during Halloween season and you'll have a fun and terrifying Halloween celebration!

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