From the center of Sa Pa town to the south of the district for 28km, visitors to Nam Sai commune can enjoy the wonderful natural scenery, with the magnificent Hoang Lien mountain range, duplication, terraced fields like a charming water painting. The climate here is cool, fresh, giving people a sense of comfort.

With the discovery of many beautiful scenes and culture of Sapa and playing, Amazing Race is the most reasonable choice for business trips. Coming to the Amazing Race Sapa journey, participants will be able to participate in exciting challenges with many games associated with local culture, while bringing a high spirit of team connection. Besides, a plus point of the Amazing Race program is the opportunity to visit and explore the venue during the journey they go through.

 Team building Amazing Race  program and activities: Nam Sai – Thanh Phu:

  • Station 1: Start. Team warm-up, equipped with props & teamwork.  Turn on the Go Team app (which has been instructed to use from the Organizer before) and log in to the program according to the code from the Organizer.
  • Stations 2 & 3: Intimidation of residential houses, homestays in the village. The team participated in experiencing the  life and culture of the Tay people such as: making tofu, weaving fabrics, harvestingagricultural products in the garden, singing then,.. Your team will be guided by the host and score the results.
  • Station 4 – 5: Through small roads. Your team is guided by App Go Team , sloped comfortably to the banks of Muong Bo stream.
  • Stations 6 – 7: Team building activities. With challenging games in streamside areas so that teams will promote team spirit, ingenuity and problem-solving intelligence of your team
  • Station 8 – 9: The path through the terraces and Nam Kéng Bridge: App Go Team will lead you along the beautiful rice terraces trail to Nam Ké bridge. The social media photography challenge asks your team to create the best photos in harmony between the team and the majestic mountains and forests.
  • Stations 10 – 11: The team visits a family of Xa Fu.  Join a team building game with local materials.
  • Station 12 Come to the finish area. It could be a schoolyard or a restaurant large enough for the group. Summing up, harvesting game results and checking points from the application.
  • Finally, the car picks up the group or walks back to the place of origin. End of program.

The program uses the Go Team app to organize.

With modern technology, Go Team GPS is one of Catalyst Global's apps and is popular in many countries around the world. Upon arrival at the station point, the cards / rules / instructions of that station will appear on the team screen. That instructional information is digitized by photo, written, or video, audio, etc. Your team plays according to the rules, sending the game results via the application to the organizers. At that time, the organizers had someone on the server to monitor the results, score and connect to operate the program.

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