We'll hazard a guess and say that the last time you went on a scavenger hunt was when you were a kid, and that you probably had a long list of things to find. As an adult, a treasure hunt can be a fun way to see a city or town that you may already be familiar with in a new light. Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun for participants of any age, and they may be a lucrative addition to your events business if you're an experienced planner.

No idea how to get started? Help is on the way; allow us to guide you! Find out here how to plan a fun scavenger hunt for adults, whether you're thinking about a complex treasure search or a simple holiday-themed excursion through a city, and have everyone laughing the whole time.

What exactly is a scavenger hunt?

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a type of game in which participants race against the clock to locate and/or name various objects or locations. Playing scavenger hunts is a lot of fun, whether you're doing it indoors or outdoors, and you can use anything from a smartphone with a camera (to collect photographic proof) to a simple written list to keep track of what people or teams have discovered.

A scavenger hunt can be as tiny as a local park or as large as a full metropolis, depending on the preferences of the event's organizers. Players can compete singly or as a team, and you can provide awards to those who discover the most objects or places.

How can scavenger hunts become events?

A scavenger hunt is a fun activity for individuals of all ages, and it's simple to turn it into an event by asking others to join in on the fun. Of course, if you want to invite the general public, you may also make an event and sell tickets on Eventbrite so that everyone can attend.

A list of things or locations to find or gather, a time restriction, and any additional directions will be required (e.g. setting a team name, designing team shirts, location boundaries, taking photos of finds). A competitive aspect might be introduced by giving out rewards to the winning group or person.

Why do grownups enjoy participating in scavenger hunts so much?

Scavenger hunts are great fun for individuals of all ages because they encourage curiosity, problem solving, and a sense of personal achievement. To guarantee everyone in an adult scavenger hunt has the same level playing field, it's important to have everything planned out in advance. That includes devising engaging and difficult activities, issuing precise directions, and ensuring the event goes off without a hitch.

Adult scavenger hunt ideas

Scavenger Hunt

The adult versions of the scavenger hunts you loved as a youngster are quite similar. The following are some examples of scavenger hunts that you might try to put together:

1. Treasure hunt

In this traditional form of scavenger hunt, participants must uncover clues and solve riddles in order to uncover the location of a hidden treasure (or a prize). The hiding places for clues might range from your own backyard to a whole neighborhood or perhaps a metropolis.

2. Laughing scavenger hunt

The goal of this scavenger hunt format is to make people laugh. Each person may be asked to perform duties that are amusing, humiliating, or all three. Consider enticing a complete stranger to do the Chicken Dance with you while dressed ridiculously, doing a cartwheel, or striking a silly stance. This is a fun activity for getting to know someone new or reuniting with an old acquaintance.

3. City scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fun and efficient way to see many parts of a city or town. In order to proceed, players will need to either locate certain landmarks or solve riddles. Some of the missions may require you to seek out certain art exhibits or one-of-a-kind eateries. This treasure hunt format is flexible enough to be used in any location, making it ideal for vacationers.

4. Scavenger hunt of madness

An adventure like this treasure hunt is perfect for anybody seeking a little bit of a thrill. These challenges may be strenuous in terms of physical exertion (such as sprinting up and down five flights of stairs) or they could force participants to face their own personal fears (doing the aforementioned task in a public place while wearing a tutu). The point is to break rules and have a good time!

5. Outdoor or nature scavenger hunt

Those searching for some fresh air and sunshine can join in an outdoor treasure hunt that takes place in a natural setting. Finding certain flora or animals, or solving nature-themed riddles, might be tasks.

6. Scavenger hunt for Holiday

Create a scavenger hunt centered on the reason for the season to add some festive excitement to any occasion. You can hide information related to the event or design challenges based on unique traditions. You may plan a Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, or Easter hunt.

7. Scavenger hunt for the bachelor/bachelorette party

The two of you may now say “I do” to a more testing evening on the town. Find someone else with your future spouse's first name, fashion a veil out of toilet paper, or pose for a picture with another groom or bride-to-be as part of this pre-wedding scavenger hunt.

8. Virtual scavenger hunt

You may have a virtual scavenger hunt where people look for clues in virtual locations, such as the internet or their own homes, or in physical locations, such as stores or parks. Working remotely with others may be a lot of fun. Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other video conferencing app may be used for your group to show off their treasures.

9. Grocery-themed scavenger hunt

Create your own game of “Supermarket Sweep”! Challenge participants to locate hidden beverages, delicacies, or photo opportunities throughout a supermarket. If you want to do something kind for the community, you should get the okay from the retailer ahead of time and then donate the products to a food bank.

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