Halloween isn’t just for candy anymore… it’s for team building!

1. Virtual Pumpkin Carving

As a fresh option to an in-person Halloween celebration, your staff may now have their own pumpkin carving kit delivered to their door through virtual pumpkin carving. Prepare for hilarity with your host, a Master Pumpkin Carver, and a lively Halloween office gathering carving pumpkins online.

2. Pumpkin Races

Make your own pumpkin racer and experience the excitement of what promises to be the most entertaining and unique Halloween team building activity your group has ever encountered! Allow your creativity to run wild while designing and decorating. Who will win the championship?

3. Creepy Treats

Providing an abundance of scary sweets, spooky beverages, and candy platters is all that is required for this Halloween team building activity. Pinterest has every themed recipe you could possibly need. Even a Halloween food contest is possible!

4. Halloween Decor

Nothing screams Halloween more than spooky decorations.
Don't forget to decorate your workplace with an abundance of pumpkins!
Top decorations that are impossible to forget:
• Jack-o'-lanterns • Ghosts • Bats • Webs of Spiders • Gravestones
The more luminosity, the better!
(The possibilities with flameless candles are limitless!)

5. Haunted Houses

Is your team courageous enough to attempt an online Haunted House Escape Room? This Halloween-themed team-building activity is among our favorites. In order to be the first to leave the virtual haunted home, players must compete by decoding cryptic clues and completing amusing picture challenges.

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