For many groups, gathering in person is just not possible. But it shouldn't prevent you from enjoying Halloween together.

Here are seven Halloween-themed virtual team-building exercises that your team will enjoy.

1. Virtual Halloween Howler

Prepare to explore some of the most terrifying locations conceivable, such as a spooky castle, a cemetery at midnight, a haunted mansion, and… a game show set. With Virtual Halloween Howler, you and your coworkers must put on your bravest faces as you compete in four rounds of scary trivia questions.

2. Virtual Scream Pursuit

We hope that your team enjoys a challenge! With this spooky Halloween-themed team-building exercise, they will put their nerves and wits to the test as they complete a series of mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges, earning points for each correctly completed task, all while having fun, sharing laughs, and celebrating the scariest time of the year.

3. CI: The Crime Investigators

The objective of this team-building exercise is to solve a murder by collecting evidence, evaluating clues, and cracking the case as quickly as possible. But it will not be simple! To identify the criminal, it will be necessary to think imaginatively and work jointly.

4. The Mummy Wrap

Want to have some fun with your group? Play this game you have likely not considered since elementary school!

Divide into teams and choose one member from each team to become a mummy by being wrapped in toilet paper from head to toe. The winning team is the first to successfully wrap the mummy.

You may even add an additional degree of difficulty by requiring your employees to personalize their mummy costumes to meet your brand or company's concept.

5. Corporate Escape Rooms

If your company enjoys engaging in mentally difficult activities, then a Corporate Escape Room is for you. And in the Halloween spirit, our Mummy's Curse theme is unbeatable.

We'll turn your workplace or meeting room into your very own Corporate Escape Room, so you don't have to worry about paying exorbitant fees or transporting your staff to an off-site venue.

And in The Mummy's Curse, you and your crew will need to unravel the mysteries of Ancient Egypt in order to collect the talisman and end the curse of the mummy. You will be pushed to think, problem-solve, and communicate as you race against the clock to complete a series of riddles using unusual objects.

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