Escape this virtual house of ghostly fun.


Dusk is approaching. The route at your feet winds through a dense forest. In the distance is the illumination of a home. From the cellar to the skies, eerie mesmerizing music floats. The gate swings open and the door creaks open as you approach, inviting you inside. As soon as your party crosses the doorway, the door slams shut. You are confined inside. One of your team members has the ability to converse with the dead. The ghosts and malicious spirits of each area have cursed your team's Ghost Whisperer with three ghastly tasks. A candle is burning. Time is ticking away. Have the bravery to let your eyes travel the depths of each room in search of clues that will lead your Ghost Whisperer to solve its riddles, allowing you all to go on to the next room and, finally, to Escape the Haunted House alive as a group!

Outcomes of Learning

Haunted House is particularly created to foster a courageous mindset among teams. The gameplay encourages teams to collaborate by appreciating and applauding each individual's ideas, actively listening, and fostering conversation. As team trust grows, members learn to overcome their fear of failure, speak out with confidence, and explain their ideas clearly. Teams realize the benefits of collaborative deductive reasoning via the development of trust, confidence, and bravery.

When enthusiasm and worry are present, practicality and logic might get distorted. Teams who maintain their composure will be able to think logically under pressure and use problem-solving abilities as a unit.

The contagious and entertaining escape room-style tasks and captivating concept provide a new perspective on teamwork. This is their opportunity to interact with their coworkers in a casual manner, providing a whole different perspective to their teamwork.

By gamifying the essential elements of fearless collaboration, Haunted House will provide your team with a shared experience they will remember long after the activity has concluded.

We run this team-building game at Opearl Events in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Send us a message at if you'd like a proposal and quote for this. Thank you a bunch!

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