Over 2,500 delegates attended the latest HR Summit in Hong Kong. Strong theme: disruptive innovation. Peak Performance from Catalyst Global is a leadership training and team building tablet app.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a competitive game in which teams manage supplies and monitor circumstances as they direct their guides on an 18-day adventure to the peak of Mount Everest and back to base camp. Consider films like Everest and Sherpa. Each team uses a team tablet to see their options and make their picks. Climbing circumstances, such as altitude and weather, are shown on a central screen, along with the overall standings of each team, to maintain a high level of competitiveness throughout the game. All of this serious decision-making is interspersed with lighthearted physical exercises such as filling a sleeping bag, blindfolding oneself and erecting a tent!

The significance of experiential learning as a vehicle for individual and organizational transformation should not be understated. In a typical work setting, people are often restrained by the dread of failure. Research demonstrates that when individuals engage in experiential learning outside of the office, they experience learning in less time due to the usage of compelling themes, tactile elements, enjoyment, and connections to the business environment.

Participants employ reflective observation to determine what transpired during the exercise, the choices they took, and the ramifications of these actions after the event. By comprehending the ramifications of their decisions and taking responsibility for them, participants are able to make persistent, effective adjustments in their behavior when compared to real-world business scenarios.

FreshBiz Game

Additionally, Disruptive Innovation was the focus of the FreshBiz seminar in the HR Learning Theatre, which attracted three times the allotted audience size! In less than 90 minutes, David Simpson from Team Building Asia led participants through FreshBiz, a game-based workshop designed to enhance teamwork and creativity. FreshBiz has impacted the lives of over 35,000 individuals in 20 countries to date. And it was the same at HR Summit. Participants attested that the game provided them with insights into the power of collaboration, creativity, and proactive independent thought. FreshBiz was developed by Ronen Gafni and Simcha Gluck, and is accessible globally via the Catalyst Global network.

Go Team

Team Building Asia designed a “Treasure Hunt” with a unique twist on Disruptive Innovation to encourage deeper engagement with the HR Summit booths. Participants were instructed while holding an iPad with the famous Go Team application loaded. Upon arriving at a booth, customers were required to engage and respond to three to four questions tailored to that company's service offering. Everyone thought that it was a wonderful and novel way to experience the HR.

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