Striving for the Summit – virtual, hybrid or in person.


Remote teams play the role of an Expedition Team on a multi-level expedition while using a custom-built software. Teams collect points and progress through the levels by completing amusing and interesting activities; distinct responsibilities include. Climbers and the Expedition Leader must combine their respective directions and knowledge. The final objective is to successfully ascend from Base Camp to the Summit, when a celebration team picture will be taken. Summit Challenge may be modified to include company-specific questions.

Outcomes of Learning

By assuming the role of an Expedition team in a simulation that is both entertaining and time-sensitive, teams are able to explore the new rules of engagement and become more effective (virtual) team players. Important learning outcomes also include effective communication, speedy decision-making, and strategic planning about Risk v Reward. The shared (remote) experience of creativity and team concentration on the end objective – the Summit! – is an experiential learning opportunity that is immediately applicable to the workplace.

Outcomes of Corporate Social Responsibility

Inquire about the robust CSR element that can be included to your Summit Challenge activity.

Remote – Hybrid – Multilocation

This activity has been created for in-person, remote, hybrid, and distributed teams. Ask us about the remote or hybrid version of this activity if your team works from home, in separate regional offices, or in other countries. Contact us to see how we can personalize this experience for your team.

Remote Team Activity

This exercise has been developed for distant workers. Your staff may operate from home, regional offices in various regions, or even in separate countries! However, you want a face-to-face or hybrid solution. Contact us to see how we can personalize this experience for your team.

We run this team-building game at Opearl Events in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Send us a message at if you'd like a proposal and quote for this. Thank you a bunch!

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