Teams dress up and take headshots to combine in a mystery photo.


In In The Picture, each attendee is photographed against a variety of colourful backdrops upon arriving at the conference. During the conference, our computer system processes all the images to produce a magnificent closing program starring the attendees. In response to dramatic music, people begin to envision themselves on the large screen. First, we witness a rapid succession of individual faces, followed by a collage of four, then sixteen, then sixty-four faces. As our perspective shifts and the speed quickens, we observe an increasing number of faces until there are too numerous to count. The camera goes farther back until we can see that the pictures, which have been multiplied many times over, have made the corporate logo or conference theme message.

Outcomes of Learning

In the Picture is a three-minute conference conclusion that honors and acknowledges the commitment of your employees to the success of your organization. Individuals are reminded through In the Picture that they have a function inside the organization. It emphasizes the significance of each person and the fact that, together, they comprise the corporate culture and are a live embodiment of the brand.

We run this team-building game at Opearl Events in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Send us a message at if you'd like a proposal and quote for this. Thank you a bunch!

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