Teams create a digital stop motion animation sequence.


Are you knowledgeable about stop-motion animation? It is the method of moving an item in tiny increments between separately shot frames in order to give the appearance of movement when the frames are played in succession. Animate is a creative and entertaining teambuilding activity based on this incredible stop motion technology.

Groups are tasked with creating an original digital stop-motion animation sequence based on a given subject. Teams begin Animate by constructing a “storyboard” depicting the intended conclusion of their stop-motion animation. The teams then digitally capture the items in their animation moving through a number of short sequential stages in their animation studio. Once finished, the team plays back their movie to watch their stop-motion animation plot come to life, with frequently amusing outcomes.

Outcomes of Learning

Everyone has a role to play in Animate. Communication, planning, and coordination are essential elements of filmmaking, as any filmmaker will attest. Animate assists in bringing business objectives, product launches, and key messages to life in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner.

The Animate activity's theme can be tailored to your team, project, or business. The theme establishes the framework, but the story/message options are limited only by each team's creativity. As stated by Frank Capra, “there are no rules in filmmaking, only sins, and the cardinal sin is tedium,” participants in Animate are free to push their creative thinking, collaborate, and exchange innovative ideas.

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