Create a series of cascading table-top reactions.


In Chain Reaction Table Top, teams are given a game board and a set of detailed concept cards, which they debate as a unit. They collaborate with other groups to build a plan for their overall device. Each team develops, constructs, and tests several basic devices. They combine them and test again. Next, they connect their series of basic machines to the next team's series of simple machines and collaborate to assure continuity from one machine to the next. As a grand finale, after the contraption is constructed and tested, the gadget is activated and cascades through each of the small devices. Similar to a Rube Goldberg machine, which is deliberately constructed to do a basic job in an indirect and overly convoluted manner, the last action initiates a simple but remarkable final action.

Outcomes of Learning

Collaboration amongst teams in order to exchange information and resources is essential for success and expanding the creative bounds. Teams collaborate to build an unified vision and plan, which they implement by using exceptional project and resource management abilities. Successful teams comprehend the job, the cards, evaluate available resources, formulate a rough strategy, and then evaluate and alter their original plan throughout the building process. In the testing phases, teams learn to be tenacious in the face of hardship and attentive to the smallest of details as they strive for perfection. When their efforts are appreciated, Chain Reaction produces a genuine feeling of common purpose and a remarkable shared experience!

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