Teams collaborate to create a giant painting reflecting company values.


Individuals begin the Big Picture team-building activity by forming small teams. Teams gather paintbrushes, paint, a schematic of their particular canvas, and a blank canvas. Then, in a group, they mixed colors to achieve the appropriate hues and painted their canvas. Teams realize early on in the activity that they must cooperate with other teams in order for the final artwork to be effective. Following a debriefing session, the masterpiece is shown to all participants for the first time, which is always greeted with thundering applause and loud shouts.

Outcomes of Learning

Occasionally, it is essential to take a step back and see the “big picture,” especially when examining an organization and how its employees function and communicate within. In The Big Picture, the significance of collaboration, cooperation, and communication is emphasized via the process of creating a really epic work of art. Prior to the event, our graphic designers collaborate with you to produce artwork that reflects your objectives, values, purpose, and vision. The Big Picture is a fantastic opportunity for any organization to celebrate a shared goal and be inclusive with its staff, since it is awe-inspiring in scope and has a breathtaking unveiling.

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