Workplace team development exercises are essential. They aid in establishing group bonding, cooperation, and trust. Use Zoom's virtual team building games to get the benefits of team building without ever leaving your home office. Zoom in for some fun and productive group projects.

Due to its low barrier to entry and capacity to support up to one hundred simultaneous users, Zoom is an excellent resource. Everyone in the group, no matter how big or little, can see, hear, and speak to one another at the same time, all through their respective computer screens. As a result, not only is it excellent for online group get-togethers, but also for online team-building exercises.

10 Online Team Building Games On Zoom

1. Online Mysterious Killer

Video game adaptations of the traditional “whodunit?” formula, murder mysteries are always entertaining and always engrossing. Yes, a firm called WHOdunnit exists specifically to run murder mystery events using Zoom. They provide a wide variety of adventures for your group to pick from, so you can tailor the experience to your group's interests. Online murder mystery games are great for fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills among coworkers from afar.

2. Picture guessing

It has been shown that teams with more creative members solve problems more effectively than those with less creative members. Zoom has team building games like Pictionary that may help get the creative juices flowing in your workplace. Skribbl may be used to set up an online drawing room where team members can work in pairs to guess what each other is drawing. Keep score and take turns going until everyone on your team has had a chance to go a certain number of times (the number of rounds is up to you). The winning group will have excellent lines of communication and innovative strategies.

3. Virtual Mystery Games

Online mystery games are perfect for huge groups of people, even those with a thousand people or more. Once everyone has checked in, they will be split into smaller groups to see who can solve a mystery in the shortest amount of time. The group that works together and communicates effectively will complete the task ahead of the others.

4. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are an excellent alternative for virtual team building since they are a fun activity that demands a group to connect with one other in order to achieve the tasks at hand. To those who are unfamiliar, an escape room adventure is a timed activity in which a group of people work together to accomplish a set of objectives. Only if everyone pulls together and communicates well can the mission be successful.

5. Cocktail Party

Zoom's new team-building virtual software is like a digital cocktail party. The relaxed atmosphere of a happy hour is perfect for coworkers to get to know one another. Giving everyone something to do together during happy hour may turn it into a team building game. Since this is a cocktail party, you might have guests make their own versions of a cocktail from a viral video or assign someone to develop a signature drink and show the rest of the group how to make it.

6. Mock Shark Tank

In this activity, teams will work together to create a product or concept that they would “investor pitch.” This is a chance to put their imagination, persuasiveness, and public speaking abilities to the test! Because the events your team acts out in Mock Shark Tank may actually occur in real life, it is a fantastic virtual team building game for Zoom. Dedicate a certain amount of time for the teams to develop their product and business strategy. The winner will be the one who presents the most compelling argument.

7. Mario Kart Tour

An old video game is always a hit with gamers of all ages. Your group can play Mario Kart without worrying about owning a console or buying the game thanks to the free Mario Kart Tour app, which can be downloaded onto any smartphone. Playing Mario Kart together might spark some friendly rivalry and perhaps lead to discussions about shared childhood interests.

8. Stop point!

The game Stop — do you remember it? So, consider Stopots to be the online equivalent. In this game, players are shown a letter and given a short amount of time to come up with a word that begins with that letter for each of the categories provided.

Fun may be had by everybody as a team as they use a free video conferencing platform to play this game and giggle at each other's wacky word choices. When you need to get the creative juices flowing again, this is the perfect virtual team building game to get everyone in the marketing, advertising, and design departments out of their chairs and having fun. I don't know. Maybe a session on Stopots can be the inspiration for your next winning ad.

9. The voice

A virtual open mic night is a great way to get to know your team members better and uncover their hidden abilities. It's important to let everyone know that they may use the (digital) microphone to share anything they'd like, as long as it's acceptable for the workplace. However, that is ultimately up to the host. While a performer is on stage, make sure all microphones are muted out of respect. Turn off the mute button when they're done talking so they can hear your applause.

10. Online Bingo

Bingo is a timeless pastime that never fails to draw a large crowd. You probably didn't know this, but playing bingo on Zoom is very simple! Simply use a site like QuizBreaker to pick random bingo numbers and send that information along with a bingo card and the URL to your Zoom conference. You should check with your team to see if anyone has a conventional bingo ball spinner and volunteer to call out the numbers before using QuizBreaker.

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