Leading digital connectivity firm in South Africa wanted a kick-off event that would remind their team (with many new members) that teamwork, creativity, and concentration are essential to their continuing business success. Dream Team Catalyst, Catalyst Team Building reps in Asia, ensured that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts by merging 2 of Catalyst's most popular and successful programs to create a strong and effective event that exceeded client goals.

In order to increase the difficulty of the already difficult Beat The Box exercise, Dream Team Catalyst included a series of extra problem-solving activities. Prior to the event, the tasks were entered into Catalyst's technology platform for team building, Go Team, and then placed on iPads. The group was split into 10 teams on the designated day, with each team getting an iPad and a Beat the Box box. Teams presented with two ostensibly distinct tasks simultaneously were required to manage team dynamics and assign members accordingly. Each team divides into two sub-teams, one of which works on Beat the Box and the other on Go Team tasks. The two apparently independent initiatives were really planned to be interdependent in order to halt the countdown meter before the time ran out.

As teams struggled to make sense of the chaos, knowledge gaps, and complexity of the work at hand, the atmosphere in the room was electrifying. As each sub-team solved challenges and uncovered information, they were required to communicate effectively with their partner sub-team. Gradually, the work grew a bit simpler, but the strain was real as the minutes ticked away!

The ten teams suddenly realized that they had a common purpose and that teamwork was not just desirable but crucial. The teams collaborated to solve the final puzzle. The issue was resolved and the countdown clock was halted with less than two minutes to spare as a consequence of teamwork! The audience was filled with roaring applause, fist-pumping, high-fives, and backslapping.

Successfully completed! Through shared experience, the participants were totally engaged and felt a sense of camaraderie. The customer accomplished their goal of underlining the significance of teamwork, creative thinking, and concentration in a memorable and enjoyable manner!

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