In recent months, a Vietnam team building organization has driven the creation and implementation of compelling remote team-building. As the majority of the globe rapidly shifted from initial travel restrictions to lockdown, resulting in a fast pivot to remote home-working, all planned meetings, conferences, and teambuilding activities were canceled or postponed to an unknown date. Fortunately, we are a founding member of the Catalyst Global teambuilding network, which is comprised of fifty of the world's finest team-building providers, and we found ourselves cooperating more than ever since we all faced comparable challenges. The resultant innovation has been swift and unprecedented, with new VIRTUAL programs being delivered to clients within days and weeks, as opposed to months in the past.

In the previous few months, as organizations' team members adapted to a new norm of remote work, several customers have recognized the necessity for and tremendous effect of high-quality, engaging teambuilding activities, regardless of whether they are performed on a Zoom, Webex, or MS Teams video chat. By incorporating cutting-edge technology, such as our award-winning, custom-built Go Team APP, into remote activities, team members can continue to cooperate, communicate, compete, and most importantly, have a shared experience. We has successfully conducted Remote Team Building to a variety of customers for groups ranging from 8 to 180 participants in 30-minute to 3-hour sessions. The ability to play our award-winning Virtual Reality team event The Infinite Loop remotely has made it one of the most popular events. In the online version, four-person teams use their own computers to connect in to a virtual environment, where they must coordinate and communicate to solve puzzles and conquer virtual obstacles in a very short amount of time. The events are led by our skilled facilitators, who meticulously plan the review sessions to ensure that the delegates acquire knowledge that is immediately transferrable to their work teams.

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