Let's take a tour around malaysia with historical civilization, Culture – Rich Melaka (Malacca) ! 

You can walk or ride a bicycle, or even rent a bicycle, take a rickshaw shuttle, taxi or motorbike taxi, or pay for a carriage excursion. 

First, this 34-meter-tall ship sank near Malacca. The museum displays model ships. Textiles, spices, silks and ceramics are displayed. 

This museum documents the evolution of Malacca. The building's shipping area is outdoors. These are Twin Pioneer CC MK1s of the 1950s. Lukut river wagons and engines from 1957-1988 are nearby. 1985-1995 Nubian Thornycrof Mobile Fire Truck. 

In addition, A'Famosa's Whitewashed Building is located a short distance from St. Paul's downhill is also an interesting destination. 

Let's Explore Portuguese, British, Dutch, Peranakan and Malaysian cultures. This busy neighborhood is the tourist center of Melaka. Locals and tourists increase the humidity and temperature of the area. Walk carefully. 

A must-see destination is the Dutch-built Christ Church known for its history and architecture in Malacca. It's Stadhuys' top attraction. 

After walking all day, we saw the blazing red sun setting over the white sand dunes of Pasir Cantik. Although far from the city center, it is simpler and cheaper to book tickets here. 15-20 minutes passed quickly. The real difficulty is walking 30-40 minutes from the sand dunes. Irrelevant. The sweat and heat are worth the long ride afterwards. 

Jonker Street is Malacca's Chinatown. There are restaurants, attractions, cafes, historic sites and rich history. We chose daytime to enjoy the sights and shop at the day market. 

The Melaka River Cruise is another must-try. The river, a famous commercial waterway, runs through the core of the city from Dutch Square to Tan Boon Seng Bridge. 

The most unique point when coming here is that the hotel's food is very hearty. They offer Malaysian and Singaporean food. They were delicious and satisfied my spicy cravings. 

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