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Quiz games, websites, and apps are methods to play knowledge-based challenges with friends, family, or colleagues online or on a mobile device. You might play Trivial Pursuit or Personality Quizzes, for instance. These tools are intended to promote enjoyable activities that foster collaboration and camaraderie.

These instruments are a sort of team-building games comparable to virtual trivia games. These technologies may be used for virtual game evenings, competitive team development, and virtual team building for the workplace.

1. Jeopardy

Jeopardy is among the most popular adult quiz games. The quiz game is suitable for both solitary and team play. You may tailor the categories to your company's or industry's unique needs or to participants' hobbies and areas of competence.

To play Jeopardy, contestants must first choose a category and possible reward amount, and then answer the associated question. All replies must be in question form. The host maintains score, and the individual or team with the most points at the conclusion of the game wins the tournament.

There are several methods to play Jeopardy, such as via a slide presentation, an app, or a website.

2. Virtual Team Trivia

Virtual Team Trivia is one of the most interesting online team quiz games and a fully-facilitated online team quiz tournament. A high-energy host guides teams through many rounds of trivia and mini-games in a variety of formats for an hour, ensuring that audiences remain attentive and engaged. Players estimate puns, gamble points, collaborate, and compete against other teams to successfully answer the most questions and take the crown of the quiz game. Virtual Team Trivia is available in a variety of topics, including general knowledge, sea and space, international, and seasonal trivia, and may be tailored to a user's desired theme.

3. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is one of the greatest free platforms for team quizzes at work. This application makes it simple to play group quiz games. The game leader just signs in, creates a quiz, and distributes the room's PIN number to the players. Players input the PIN into their mobile devices and respond using their cellphones and tablets. The application automatically awards points for speed and accuracy of response. Creators of the quizzes may insert photographs and videos, and the game has interesting animations. At the conclusion of a quiz, Kahoot! announces the winners.

4. Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia is a website that has thousands of trivia tests on hundreds of different themes. The website includes both hourly live contests and self-guided trivia tasks. The quizzes are available in many forms, including matching, picture, and fill-in-the-blank. Users may explore hundreds of current questions on popular or trending themes, or they can build their own.

5. Sporcle

Sporcle offers a range of interesting questions, such as “Can you identify these teen movies from a one-star review?” and “Can you choose the proper state given two cities whose names begin with Q, X, or Z?” Using parameters such as difficulty, duration, rating, category, and favorites, visitors may sort quizzes. In addition to puzzle tasks, multiplayer activities, and live trivia tournaments, the website now provides an app. Additionally, users have the possibility to create their own quizzes.

6. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a classic multiplayer quiz game. Players walk around the board while answering questions in one of six categories, such as Geography, Entertainment, History, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, and Sports & Recreation. Each category corresponds to a certain color, and good answers award players a colored wedge. Collecting at least one wedge of each hue is the aim of the game.

There are several methods to play Trivial Pursuit in groups, including utilizing gaming software or apps or developing a slideshow template to create your own version. If you and your team are playing in person, you may also play the real board game.

7. Slack Trivia

Trivia is a Slack app that facilitates random challenges between channel members. The app’s suite of games includes instant or custom quizzes, true or false, GIF charades, and word puzzles. Trivia also has virtual water cooler functions and the ability to auto schedule virtual happy hours. The app notifies team members when a new game begins, and also keeps an office scoreboard and leaderboard for ongoing competitions.

8. Trivia Maker

Trivia Maker is a quiz game for virtual calls. The website offers four distinct game formats: grid, list, quiz, and wheel. Using these templates, gamemasters may quickly input data and create a fun and engaging quiz game show, or choose from hundreds of pre-made games created by other participants. The game can be streamed to a number of devices, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, televisions, and projectors, and it has a great deal of customizability. There are four subscription levels available for Trivia Maker, including a free one.

9. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the most useful quiz tools available. The platform employs flashcards to test participants' knowledge of various subjects. Users may choose from pre-existing activities in disciplines like languages, sciences, and arts and humanities, or they can build their own quizzes. Participants may answer the questions on the cards individually or play timed card games such as Match or Gravity.

10. QuizWhizzer

QuizWhizzer is a gamified quiz platform intended for educators and students, but equally enjoyable for work teams. A quiz may be created with a personalized backdrop picture, eight distinct question categories, such as drag and drop, ordering, multiple choice, and short answer, and interactive power-ups. Players may join the game with a unique code and choose a unique avatar. Each quiz may handle a maximum of fifty individuals. QuizWhizzer provides a free edition as well as a low-cost monthly membership plan for the pro version.

11. Team Building Quizzes

The most effective method to utilize quizzes for team development is to construct quizzes with team members in mind. These quizzes may include of facts about colleagues, such as “which team member backpacked across Paraguay?” or “which team member owns a turtle called Seor Evil?” You may also provide team members with a set of behavior-based or general preference-based questions and compare and contrast the responses.

Team building quizzes are more of a quiz kind than a distinct instrument. Using additional tools on this list, such as Kahoot!, you may develop and administer team building quizzes.

12. Mental Floss

Mental Floss presents some of the most entertaining internet quizzes. Quiz choices include hilarious possibilities such as Who Said It: Bill Murray or Ernest Hemingway or Micronation or Marvel Country, in addition to more broad categories such as Pokemon Trivia or Match the Horror Movie Tagline. Mental Floss quizzes are a mix of intellectual and lowbrow fun that may appeal to a diverse group of team members.

13. Personality Quizzes

Even though personality questionnaires may not have definitive right or wrong answers, they can be a fun method for teammates to learn more about one another. You and your team may participate in analytical questions such as MBTI or What's Your Emotional Type, as well as fun quizzes such as What Famous Internet Cat Are You? Participants may either take the exams separately and compare and discuss their findings, or they can discuss the quizzes in real-time and explain the rationale behind their responses. This is a purely recreational activity with no winners or losers. However, these tests may inspire debate and help team members understand their coworkers' fundamental identities.

14. Random Trivia Generator

Random Trivia Generator is one of the best free workplace team quizzes. The website automatically displays a random range of questions on a variety of topics, or players may choose arts, entertainment, science, geography, or history. Random Trivia Generator shows rows of flashcards according to the selected subject, and players may click on each tile to discover the corresponding answer.

15. Jackbox Games

Jackbox Games specializes in party games centered on quizzes. You may purchase individual titles, however the majority of players purchase bundles or “party packs” including assortments of games. You Don't Know Jack, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, and Fibbage are the games with the most quiz aspects; nevertheless, many of the games have quiz elements.

To play Jackbox Games, choose a title, launch the game, and then invite other players by inputting a room code. Although only up to eight more devices may connect, many players can share a device and compete as a team.

16. Trivia Plaza

TriviaPlaza is one of the simplest and most uncomplicated websites for team building quizzes. Visitors choose a quiz from a list of trivia categories and subcategories. Each quiz consists of ten multiple-choice questions. A letter grade is awarded at the conclusion of the game based on the number of successfully completed questions. Either teams may complete the quizzes jointly and agree on the answers, or they can take the identical exams and compare their results.

17. Quiz Planet

Quiz Planet advertises itself as “one of the most popular social quiz games in the universe.” The game is accessible through app, Facebook, and website, and is offered in over 27 languages. Players may choose from a variety of categories, including customs & traditions, food & drink, and body & soul, and respond to hundreds of questions. The game has no time restriction, making it great for partners with differing work schedules to play during downtime.

18. Serterra

Online or via a mobile app, Serterra provides more than 400 geography-based quizzes. After selecting a continent, players pick a category for the quiz, such as nations, capitals, geographical characteristics, bodies of water, or flags. The game then instructs players to click on a map to reveal the specified location. This exercise is likely to please the team's geographers and is particularly applicable to distant and scattered teams. The website also has scientific and anatomy-related quizzes. The quizzes are accessible in hundreds of languages, which is the best feature.

19. QuizWitz

QuizWitz is one of the most entertaining online trivia multiplayer games. The free edition of the platform supports up to six concurrent users, while the paid plan supports up to one thousand. Players respond to cues through smartphone or tablet in real time. The site's Quiz Editor and Quizmaster App facilitate the creation and staging of digital trivia contests. Users may create and share quizzes with other game aficionados, as well as explore and play popular quizzes such as European Countries and Who's the Actor?

20. Quizwise

Quizwise provides one of the greatest general knowledge quizzes available online. Each day, the site publishes a brief general trivia question, and readers may also view daily archives dating back years or construct a random quiz. If visitors are looking for more specialized trivia, they may browse by topic and choose from categories such as Science, History, and People. The website is easy to use and makes organizing a daily or recurring quiz with teams effortless.

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