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In iBuild, the ultimate objective is to transmit data over a communication chain in order to make a clone of a model without seeing it! Each team is equipped with a remote player, the Architect, who connects to the team through their digital gadget. The information is sent from ‘Architects' to ‘Couriers' and then to ‘Builders'. Fun communication obstacles, a severe project deadline, and a last-minute rule mandating a job transfer all increase the strain associated with generating an accurate output. Each member contributes significantly to the success of their team.

Outcomes of Learning

iBuild is an uniting experience with powerful consequences that emphasize the use of language, feedback, and the development of a step-by-step project approach. iBuild lets users to experience virtual, face-to-face, verbal, and nonverbal modes of communication. The game's artificial obstacles not only provide an opportunity to have fun, but also highlight important information exchange concepts. In addition to increasing internal communication and adapting to new methods of working, the learning outcomes may also reflect best practices in customer relationship management.

Remote – Hybrid – Multilocation

This exercise has been created for in-person, remote, hybrid, and distributed teams. Ask us about the remote or hybrid version of this activity if your team works from home, in separate regional offices, or in other countries. Contact us to see how we can personalize this experience for your team.

Remote Team Activity

This exercise has been developed for distant workers. Your staff may operate from home, regional offices in various regions, or even in separate countries! However, you want a face-to-face or hybrid solution. Contact us to see how we can personalize this experience for your team.

We run this team-building game at Opearl Events in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Send us a message at info@opearlevents.com if you'd like a proposal and quote for this. Thank you a bunch!

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