No one is less than thrilled about the prospect of returning to live events, but it is certain that the landscape for mega-scale corporate gatherings has changed dramatically in recent years.

Rapid global adaptation to the requirements of a new reality hastened the pace of digital transformation that would normally take decades. While we have all known for some time that digital and virtual platforms are crucial, few anticipated their rapid ascent to center stage.

Here are the most cutting-edge developments in virtual event technology that you may anticipate in the near future, so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual Event Tips 2022

Event Digitalization

Similarly, virtual and hybrid events benefit greatly from the use of apps. With a sophisticated event app that works as an extension of your virtual and hybrid event platform, you can give your attendees with a seamless and integrated experience.

Especially for hybrid events, your app will help keep your offline and online guests on the same page. They may learn the same things, make the same connections, have the same questions, etc. The use of an event app also boosts the probability of extra participants tuning in, especially digital ones who join sessions from home or on the road.


Virtual event organizers are increasingly turning to gamification as a fun and interactive approach to get people involved and provide value for attendees, organizers, and sponsors. Prizes for the top three finishers on the scoreboard are one way to motivate people to take part more actively in the event. These methods will get more people to your event, keep them satisfied, and get them pumped up for the activities.

So how does this apply to virtual events?

Here are some recommendations for making your next virtual or hybrid event more entertaining and involving:

● Mail each guest a “Swag Bag”
● Launch interactive polls
● Reward social media mentions
● Build an attractive leaderboard

Virtual Event Tips 2022

Interpretation of Languages

In the past, language barriers have prevented certain attendees from getting the most out of an international conference. Even though English is the most generally employed language for events, it is best for attendees to grasp the information in their native language.

Adding closed captioning to your session is a fantastic example. You may embed a closed captioning service from a third party into Accelevents by using the iframe feature. An inline frame (iframe) enables for the incorporation of dynamic content into a web page. It is used to combine closed captioning given by a source such as StreamText. Another approach is to advise that your participants install the Google Translate Extension for Chrome. By doing so, any highlighted text may be instantly translated.

These items can help you reach more people by reducing language and accessibility hurdles. Since your material is now accessible to everyone, you may now invite presenters and participants all over the world. This makes your event more engaging and successful.

All-in-one Event Livestreaming tools

Event planners need to be able to juggle several tasks at once, and providing live streaming options might make their online events more efficient. They require a central hub from which to coordinate all aspects of events, whether physical, digital, or any combination of the three.

The good news is that you may choose from a number of different live streaming options. You should get something that is made to fit the needs of your occasion exactly. Is your event structured, perhaps, around a series of panel discussions? Is there going to be time for seminars and smaller groups to meet separately? Do you plan for your guests to network? Have any of your sponsors expressed an interest in networking with the event's visitors? How you want your event's guests to feel and what you hope to accomplish are the two most important factors.

Trends in virtual events

If you keep up with modern technological developments, you can avoid being left behind. Don't forget that technological advancement is a never-ending cycle; as a result, event planners will need to regularly change their methods to best serve guests.

When event planners pay attention to their guests' wants and provide them opportunities for genuine interaction, the resulting gathering is both more enjoyable and more likely to be talked about long after it has ended. Therefore, it's the experience and participation of the participants that ultimately determines the event's success.

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