Cat sculptures have been built around Vietnam for the Tet Lunar New Year holiday event, which begins Sunday.

A 2-meter-tall cat near the Thong Nhat Park entrance in Hanoi.

A cat monument at an amusement park in the Quang Xuong District in the central province of Thanh Hoa.

Numerous individuals have remarked that this cat resembles a “huge mouse.”

A stunning huge cat in Ai Tu Town, Trieu Phong District, Quang Tri's central province.

The styrofoam and plaster cat is 3.1 meters tall and 2.8 meters long.

As soon as its photograph surfaced online, many people began referring to it as “Miss Cat” for the most beautiful cat throughout the vacation.

The artist who sculpted the monument, 32-year-old Dinh Van Tam, said that it took him 10 days to complete the sculpture.

“The most difficult element is creating the cat's face. I had to recreate it several times in order to get its current appearance.”

A cat family in Hue's center Ly Tu Trong Park beside the Huong River.

The father is 2.1m tall, while each of the three kittens is between 0.9 and 1.2m tall.

Three kittens at a Da Nang park beside the Han River.

A golden cat in Quang Ngai, a region in central Vietnam. It rises 2 meters tall at Ba Of Park, the entrance to Quang Ngai City.

A family of nine cats in the province of Binh Dinh in central Vietnam.

The parents are 3.6-4 meters tall, while each of the seven kittens is over 1.6 meters tall.

A pair of golden cats in Nha Trang, the provincial capital of Khanh Hoa. They are set alongside gold to inspire optimism for a bright new year.

A mother cat and its youngster in Dai Doan Ket Square in Pleiku Town, Gia Lai, Central Highlands region.

A family of cats near the entrance to Bien Hoa Town in Dong Nai Province, which borders Ho Chi Minh City.

On Nguyen Hue Flower Street in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City are a mother cat and her kittens.

A cat pair that will also be on exhibit at the Nguyen Hue Flower Street opening on Thursday at 7 p.m.

A couple of cats at the Con Phung tourist destination in the Ben Tre district of the Mekong Delta.

They are positioned behind a monument of a coconut, the distinctive agricultural product of Ben Tre.

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