Go Team fun escape game.


Escape the Mob starts with a video informing teams that they are implicated in the ideal theft. They were at the incorrect location at the wrong time. Teams have a limited amount of time to identify the precise time they were at each location on the night of the heist and to get their narrative straight. And if they can determine who stole the stones, they will be released.

Each team has a bag with things that will aid them on their Quest. The teams then begin their incredible race to unravel the secret and Escape the Mob. The Go Team app directs players to checkpoints where they must answer a variety of picture, video, cryptic, and puzzle questions in order to get hints for the eventual solution. Challenges may include ciphers, symbol-swapping alpha puzzles, looking for items in photos, riddles, pattern recognition, weird odors, eerie noises, and more!

Teams get points for right responses and discover time and location clues to help them determine their whereabouts throughout the night. The team with the most points is the winner, but there is also shared celebration since the teams must eventually work together to clean their names.

Outcomes of Learning

Escape rooms have given a novel means of moving outside of one's comfort zone and undertaking a new and exciting task. Escape the Mob transforms this exhilaration into a customizable style in which challenges may be adapted to the client's desired goals while maintaining the same exhilarating concept. Escape the Mob requires players to think creatively in order to find clues, interact with one another, and finally solve the mystery.

With cryptic riddles, picture and video challenges, sound and scent challenges, creative and imaginative challenges, songs, dances, lymeric composition, and more, Escape the Mob is intended to guarantee that everyone participates. This genuine real-time experience provides the participants of this innovative corporate team building exercise with the opportunity to participate in a novel setting with unanticipated outcomes. Each clue brings them one step closer to the answer, but with a limited amount of time, the tension and sense of urgency increase as the game progresses. Individual strengths become obvious, and participants acquire the ability to respond and think rationally under pressure.

We run this team-building game at Opearl Events in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Send us a message at info@opearlevents.com if you'd like a proposal and quote for this. Thank you a bunch!

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