Vietnam is a pleasant location for activities that bring people together. At Catalyst Teambuilding, we offer several team-building exercises that teach you how to effectively manage risks. In this essay, we will discuss three of the most prominent and popular in Asia. To learn more, please continue reading below.

Gold Fever

In their pursuit of gold, teams use strategy and problem-solving abilities. There are gold coins everywhere!! In order to gather gold, get wealthy, and win the game, teams will collaborate and do several tasks on eight distinct levels at once. There are only so many valuables. Teams must discover a secret code and trade it for cash with the Claims Administrator (CA). If they do not follow the correct procedures, the claim will not be reimbursed.

Along the path, teams may complete various activities to win additional prizes. Every thirty minutes, a news release is delivered. Some are available at no cost. Some are shown privately to those who pay to see them. The information in these news releases presents your team with a fantastic opportunity to earn much more money if you move swiftly.

Creative Juices

An action-packed game set in the world of liquids. In Creative Juices, teams take on the roles of several components of a multinational smoothie firm that is experiencing problems with logistics, setting up foreign delivery, and planning in advance under tight deadlines. Each team is provided with the smoothie recipe. They must ask other teams for the resources they need. Teams collaborate to establish trade agreements that allocate resources so that each team may produce its own smoothie. After the teams have blended and sampled their smoothies, they devise a marketing strategy and campaign to promote their product. The teams present their marketing strategies to the group. Teams must solve complex distribution challenges and demonstrate how they can lower their collective carbon footprint.

River Runner

Teams gain knowledge in leadership, strategy, and customer service during a white water river trip. Each team is a rafting firm conducting a successful “first descent” down one of the world's major rivers in this high-energy indoor business game. Teams initiate planning, learning, and strategy formulation. Then, they go on a 15-day journey down the river, during which they attempt to do various tasks to collect “Feel Good Factors” and a meal card. Full-size rafts, paddles, and other authentic adventure equipment provide an outstanding environment for the game, while breathtaking video footage provides an authentic flavor of the sport's excitement. The team that earns the most money overall wins the game.

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