Eventgrid is an online platform for registering and purchasing tickets for conferences, seminars, concerts, tours, and festivals. This is our evaluation.

The industry for online event registration is very competitive and is continually expanding to satisfy the needs of Event Planners. A number of up-and-coming suppliers are increasingly challenging the conventional dominance of a few of industry leaders.

Eventgrid is among these new competitors. Their platform provides a well-designed UI and a vast array of features at an affordable price per ticket.

Let's examine the instrument in further depth.

Eventgrid: What is it?

Eventgrid provides both a fully branded and a white-label solution for managing events from a single platform. The platform provides solutions for registration, ticketing, CRM, and marketing.

Eventgrid supports group reservations, multiple reservations, team memberships, and discounts. It is feasible to offer event goods and to provide guests with the option to purchase additional sessions or music.

It is possible to offer reserved seating using a custom seating chart, which can be made using their online design tool and may indicate seats with limited views and accessible seats. Different pricing might be adjusted for various rows or tiers to represent the finest seats.

Payments may be processed by Stripe.com, Authorize.net, or PayPal. Using ‘Pass-Through' technology, you may opt to incorporate service charges or fees ‘in the purchase of a ticket,' thus there is no expense to you or your firm. If you want, you may collect contributions to a charity of your choosing in lieu of charging admission to your events.

The Main Categories of Features Are:

Eventgrid allows the creation of branded event pages that may be modified in terms of colors, logos, photos, and URLs. It is possible to sell reserved seats using a custom seating chart and to provide various ticket rates, group reservations, and promotional coupons. Tickets are barcoded or iPhone Passbook for attendees.

Marketing. Eventgrid allows users to send customized emails and monitor correspondence. Each month, 300 marketing email credits are included with your plan for email marketing campaigns, and you may buy extra credits as needed. Events may be shared on the most popular social media platforms. You may monitor links and affiliate marketing to see which sends the most traffic, as well as create landing pages for split testing.

CRM. The CRM enables the storage of attendance information in a centralized location and the segmentation of lists for more efficient marketing message targeting. It is possible to automatically synchronize contacts with Salesforce and other CRM systems.


Eventgrid features a contemporary and clean style that enables you to upload your own huge header picture and personalize it according to your brand's requirements. It may be a white-label solution, putting your brand in the spotlight. Every aspect of the website is customizable. Just drag and drop the desired website components into the page. The website is responsive and mobile-friendly in order to function on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop PCs. The description of the event is formatted using rich text, allowing you to include photos, tables, and hyperlinks.

It is simple to construct an event fast and with the required amount of sophistication. You may include numerous days, songs, VIP packages, and repeating event dates.

For group reservations, you have the option of collecting simply the lead ticket purchaser's information (contact and payment information are entered only once, even if several tickets or registration options are selected) or requiring that each ticket's information be entered separately.

The custom seating tool gives some of the most typical seating plans that may be modified, or you can use the online design tool to construct your own seating map from. Setting up the seating chart can take some time, but Eventgrid can handle it for you. This degree of capability and flexibility is sometimes neglected by rivals in the same market. This function will be of particular interest to venues, promoters, and event organizers that sell tickets for seated events and performances since there is no extra cost to utilize it.

It is simple to add several users to administer the event, which is essential if various people in your team are engaged. Presently, no automated invoices nor receipts are available, which may be problematic for tax accounting and B2B events.

You may respond to queries from participants immediately inside the application, which is cloud-based. All conversations may be controlled via the portal, allowing for interactivity and communication tracking. You may send email invites, establish campaigns, and personalize your guests' emails. Adaptable drafts are generated inside the platform, and conversations may be arranged in advance.

This platform functions as a miniature CRM and segmentation tool, allowing you to keep all of your attendees' information. The data is exportable and is compatible with Sales Force. If you are a MailChimp user, however, you will be disappointed since Eventgrid does not interact with this platform.

Eventgrid provides full-setup APIs and web hooks for Developers, enabling process customization and simple interaction with third-party systems.

The mobile box office provides for the printing of tickets, the creation of name badges, and the collection of payments. You can provide users with the ability to manage their tickets. If this option is selected, the manage tickets button will be added to the event page so attendees may log in and print their confirmation.

Eventgrid allows attendees to check in on-site by searching for their names or scanning the QR code using the iPad and iPhone app. Offline mode is available. There is currently no Android application available.

The geofencing option is a pretty interesting feature. With iBeacon and Passbook connection, it is feasible to enable automatic check-in for event attendees upon their arrival. For major conferences and events, this might remove registration lines entirely.


The main features of the platform are:

  • The fast development of event web pages without the need for coding or HTML knowledge
  • White label platform
  • Custom event URL
  • Completely hosted, web-based, and secure
  • Many kinds of tickets
  • Expert ticketing system
  • Straightforward online registration
  • Sell tickets from your website
  • Accept card or PayPal payments
  • Create a unique seating chart
  • Collect Details
  • Name badges and check-ins
  • Safe credit card transactions
  • Pass-through charges Allow contributions, group purchases, and VIP packages
  • Mobile-compatible registration
  • Box office
  • On-site mobile app – sell tickets at the door, credit card swipe, mobile check-in – iPhone passbook tickets
  • Waitlist and the possibility to transfer an attendee's ticket to another individual


  • Email marketing (300 emails per month included)
  • Facebook and Twitter interaction with social media
  • CRM and Targeting
  • Affiliate tracking and marketing
  • Integrate custom widgets
  • Landing pages
  • Analytics and Reports – Answer Questions
  • E-commerce site for product and goods sales
  • Geofencing functionality and marketing
  • Connection with Google Analytics and the provision of developer tools


  • Sales Force integration\s
  • Export data\s
  • Membership management\s
  • Mini CRM inside the platform\s
  • Segmentation tool\s
  • Enables you to save attendance info and monitor conversations

Who is it for?

Eventgrid is designed for Event Planners who organize events of all sizes and complexities. This ticketing platform is also available to concert organizers, theatres, athletic events, and music venues through the custom seating plan tool.

Pros and Cons


  • Customized seating diagram and tickets
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Personalized email and monitoring of communication


  • There is no billing option available.
  • The check-in app is only compatible with iOS.
  • There is no Mailchimp connectivity.

In Conclusion

Eventgrid provides an online registration solution with a focus on aesthetics. Some Event Planners will be turned off if an automated invoicing/receipt tool is required, but it compares well to the majority of registration providers in this competitive industry. Eventgrid distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing a large number of features at a very affordable price.

Eventgrid provides all the essential features Event Planners need in a ticketing platform, as well as some unique selling factors, such as the custom seating chart, integrated CRM, and geo-fencing technology.

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