Teams use innovation and originality to accomplish mental, physical, and inventive soccer tasks.


Quickfire Soccer is an app-based team building competition intended to get everyone on board and have the most fun possible. Each squad represents a ‘FIFA World Cup Squad,' and participants begin the game with a fully loaded iPad, a soccer equipment duffel bag, and a little amount of cash. Prior to the referee's final whistle, their aim is to invest wisely, outmaneuver other teams, and complete as many tasks as possible in order to maximize points.

After the ceremonial Kick Off, teams compete in a variety of tasks, each of which has an entrance fee and a prize for completing it. The tablet's cerebral, artistic, and physical activities come in a variety of difficulty levels and formats, including action photographs, video performances, multiple-choice football quizzes, and logic puzzles.

Results of Learning

Successful teams in Soccer Quickfire collaborate well to balance risk and return. Time is running out, therefore players must communicate to their teammates which tasks they can confidently solve. As people overcome obstacles and develop an appreciation for one another's unique qualities, they develop a sense of trust.

Group difficulties need new thinking from teams. They must use good communication skills to arrive at a collectively agreed-upon approach, after which they must execute swiftly and uninhibitedly.

Soccer Quickfire is a hilarious game!

It gives teams a sense of excitement and cohesion! And most significantly, people have learned to value their own abilities as well as the different skills of their teammates.

We run this team-building game at Opearl Events in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Send us a message at if you'd like a proposal and quote for this. Thank you a bunch!

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