What is it?

LineUpr is a firm that provides a quick and easy method for creating a mobile event app. The freemium price model makes LineUpr event software suitable for events of any size, even for event organizers on a budget. The basic software is free for up to fifty participants, but it may also be used for bigger events and festivals. The Plus and Premium packages provide access to more capabilities while remaining affordable for bigger events. The software may be used for conferences, festivals, and exhibits, but business events are its most common use.

Many participants anticipate that every event they attend will have a mobile application for communicating crucial information before, during, and after the event. In contrast, many event professionals cannot invest in an app for every event due to financial constraints and the time and work required to put one up. LineUpr is addressing this need by delivering a do-it-yourself solution that simplifies the creation of event applications at prices that should be affordable for any event.

Why You Should Use a Web App

LineUpr is a lightweight event app for sharing and communicating event information and engaging attendees through smartphones with surveys, polls, and live Q&A. LineUpr lacks a large number of features but concentrates on the fundamentals. Streamlining the features may avoid event organizers from being mired down in the configuration of choices that are neither used nor beneficial to guests. Using LineUpr, you may rapidly and inexpensively evaluate how well your app is accepted by your audience to replace paper printing and brochures.

Consider the LineUpr mobile event app for the following reasons.

The Main Categories of Features Are:

Event Specifics. Provide the crucial event facts, such as the event schedule, venue/location information, lineup details, participant profiles, and sponsor and exhibitor lists.

Real-time interaction Deliver notifications straight to the app to keep your guests abreast of updates, highlights, and special offers. Set up live polls, surveys, and Q&A with the app, show the live results on-screen and use a tablet to manage Q&A.

Personalization and Configuration Customize the app's menu, titles, and labels, as well as its colours and branding. Integrate the web application with your Google Analytics account. If necessary, implement password security or a custom URL.


LineUpr is a do-it-yourself platform that enables event organizers the freedom to update and distribute an event app on their own terms, without the need for outside assistance. Signing up for a free account allows you to rapidly construct an event app that is ready for use. Each event app is provided at no cost, with possible enhancements that may be seen prior to purchase. Setup is self-explanatory, although assistance is always available via LineUpr's support channels.

App Appearance and Language

It is able to choose four colour presets to customize the app's look, alter the backdrop, and configure the home screen's teaser picture. You may set the app's conspicuous display of the event's name, registration/ticket link, and start and finish dates. The footer may include a picture, ideally the business logo, as well as a Website.

The text may be altered to fit your occasion. For example, you may choose to substitute ‘Partner' for ‘Sponsor' or ‘Festival Lineup' for ‘Conference Agenda'. The menu order is variable, with the exception of “home,” which is always at the top.

The event app is accessible in many languages, including English (both United States and United Kingdom), German, French, and Hungarian. Additional languages may be ordered separately.

Venue Details

You may include the venue or location of the event, including individual rooms and spaces so that sessions can be assigned to certain locations. You are not restricted to a single venue; you may add extra locations as needed for your event and submit graphic files of your room layouts (jpeg, PNG, etc).

Event Information

You may add an unlimited amount of information about your event. This may be separated into many pages to organize pertinent material and facilitate navigation. Provide directions, parking information, emergency contact information, registration instructions, and WiFi instructions so that your attendees have all they need.

Event Program

On the app, a single or multi-day schedule may be created. The itinerary may be concealed until the event organizer is ready to provide all the facts. Each agenda item may be assigned a picture, title, location, room, and category, and the sorting can be altered if the program is to be shown differently; otherwise, it is automatically ordered by time. A convenient feature enables you to alter the end of the day. For instance, if you are organizing a festival and there is a performance that begins after midnight, you may specify that it appears on the previous day's schedule rather than the next day's.

Participants may favourite the sessions they are interested in, and LineUpr enables you to see the number of attendees who have added a given program item to their personal agenda, allowing you to determine the most popular sessions.

Presenter Lineup

Speakers may be added to the lineup with a profile picture, name, occupation, and category. You may assign colours and arrange the list, allowing you to place keynotes and other important speakers at the front of the list. When needed, social media connections may be added to allow guests to follow, engage with, and contact presenters/performers. No in-app communications may be exchanged between attendees and presenters through the app.

Sponsors and Partners

On plans Plus and above, you may include listings for sponsors, exhibitors, and partners. The firm logo may be shown on a square picture, and the category can specify the amount of support (e.g. Gold Sponsor). In addition to the sponsor name and title, the appearance order, business description, and link may be given (s).

Preview Your App

It is possible to build and preview your application without incurring any fees. When modifying your event, a real-time app preview is always shown on the right-hand side of the screen and reflects changes as they are implemented.

Your dashboard displays all of your event applications. You can quickly create new event apps in the future by cloning and adapting your existing event apps. In this page, you may also publish your applications and see recent changes and updates.

Sharing App Details with Your Audience

To distribute the event app to your audience, you may email the URL, generate a QR code, or post information on social media. The newest iPhones can instantly scan QR codes through the camera without the need to download a third-party QR reader, so this is a fast and simple method to direct guests to the app. If you want a specific URL for participants to use the app, this is available for an extra fee. The application is compatible with all smartphones with a contemporary browser, however, there is no desktop-optimized version available at this time.

The application may be used to promote and display your event. Alternatively, sharing may be disabled. When the participant uses the app for the first time, a teaser visual explains how to bookmark it. This implies that some participants may not even notice the software is web-based and not native.

Communicating with Attendees

As a web application, push notifications are not available for communicating with attendees. However, you can send in-app messages containing links. The user must launch the application to view new posts.

The app can be edited at any time, and all devices will receive updates automatically. In addition to sharing essential event information, such as the agenda, speakers, and venue, you can collect interactive feedback through live polls and questions via the app.

Live Poll

If you wish to conduct a brief, one-question survey, you may request star ratings and single or multiple-choice replies. The poll results may be shown in slide format, and a QR link at the side of the poll can lead participants to the live poll so they can participate.

Live Q&A

If you want to conduct a live question-and-answer session, you may provide a title and invite guests to submit questions. The questions may be prioritized and filtered by the event's organizer in order to display only the most relevant inquiries. The QR code shown on the slide invites attendees to participate and travel straight to the intended location.


You may add a survey with an infinite number of questions, star ratings, text replies, single- or multiple-choice options, and single- or multiple-answer options. Except for text boxes, which cannot be made obligatory, answers may be made compulsory fields.

Google Analytics, Security and GDPR

The program monitors users anonymously without requiring sign-up or registration. During usage, LineUpr does not save any personal information. For the Plus and Premium packages, the app may be connected to your Google Analytics account to provide useful data.

With the optional global password security, only those who have the password may see the content of your event app. The password must be supplied when the event app is launched for the first time.

In order to comply with GDPR, the servers are situated in Germany, thus no information is transferred beyond the European Union.


Event Information:

  • Location Profiles: Describe the various event sites.
  • Describe contributions such as speakers, artists, and performances.
  • Profiles of Attendees: Include attendee profiles to facilitate networking.
  • Provide information about the exhibiting businesses.
  • Provide sponsors with their own personalized profiles for marketing and engagement with attendees.
  • Agenda: The event's timetable
  • The map provides directions and navigation to and between event venues.
  • The application continues to function without an Internet connection.
  • Use an Excel Template to import the Schedule, Lineup, and Locations.

Live Interaction

  • Posts: Send messages straight to the app to keep your guests abreast of alterations, highlights, and special offers.
  • In-app polls, surveys, and question-and-answer sessions.
  • Show the findings live on stage and use a tablet to censor questions.
  • Get Feedback: See participant ratings and comments for each program element.
  • Favourites: Participants may organize their respective agendas using favourites. Event organizers may get details from users' app bookmarks.

Customization and Settings

Modifiable Wording: Alter the app's names and labels to make them suitable for any occasion.
Change Menus: Edit, add, and delete app menu items.
Individual Color Scheme: Modify the app's look to fit the colours of your event.
Change the LineUpr logo on the application's homepage with your own picture.
Google Analytics: Use your own Google Analytics account to collect statistics.
Protected by a Password: Only provide access to those who know a global password.
Custom URL: You may make any top-level domain your own URL (offered as a custom service).

Who is it for?

LineUpr is designed for event professionals seeking lightweight and cost-effective event software. If you are looking for a conference app that can be used for corporate events, in-house seminars, roadshows, and incentive travel events, the text, title, and tags may be customized for your event.

LineUpr is compatible with both small events with less than 50 people and larger events, such as festivals, with more than 20,000 attendees. LineUpr will appeal to event agencies, educational institutions, and corporations who often need to construct event applications.

Pros and Cons


  • With a freemium pricing model, unbeatable price is achieved.
  • No app installation is required. No registration or sign-up is required for guests to use the web-based app on any smartphone with a current web browser.
  • The program tracks users anonymously and shares the data with Google Analytics.
  • The servers are based in Germany and comply with GDPR rules.


  • There is no guest management offered.
  • As a web application, push notifications are unavailable.
  • A personalized URL is offered for an extra fee.
  • There is no desktop version of the application.

In Conclusion

LineUpr is a web-based event software that prioritizes vital information and functionality. The freemium price model makes it possible for even small events with minimal budgets to get event software. The basic features make it simple and quick to construct the event app, as well as to clone and modify your app for future event projects. LineUpr may be the tipping point for event planners to use event applications with little expense, time, and effort for every event they organize.

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