MeetMatch is a supplier of event technology that combines an AI-powered event networking app with a native registration system and an event platform with video chat and live streaming features.

What is it?

MeetMatch provides a range of basic event technology products, but its business matchmaking software is its major distinction. This USP (unique selling proposition) comes down to the following fundamental features, which we shall describe in further depth in the section under “Principal Functions”:

Internet-wide data harvesting to locate public information about participants and their firms
AI-based matching that combines this internet-wide data with information provided directly by guests (e.g. during registration)
Checking the availability of top-rated matches in real time (either onsite or logged in)
A proprietary algorithm designed to determine commercial compatibility between prospective partners.
According to its own statistics, MeetMatch's AI matching results in fruitful business relationships over fifty percent of the time, as assessed by those who schedule follow-up appointments after the event. Comparatively, MeetMatch's own research indicates that the success rate for random matching is 5%. MeetMatch also provides supplementary matching services, such as follow-up data collection inquiries for its “open business communities” (multi-event clients). With the addition of these services, MeetMatch's self-reported success rate for productive relationships now surpasses 85%.

MeetMatch's innovative approach to AI-driven matchmaking is complemented by a number of tools and features that form the foundation of event technology: an in-house registration system, a schedule/agenda, attendee profiles, chat and video chat functionality, question and answer tools, evaluation forms/surveys, interactive floor maps, live streaming, and gamification options.

It's also important to note that MeetMatch refers to its event platform and app as a “OS” or operating system, similar to other industry participants. This word is used to denote that the platform supports various devices and may be coupled with several other types of software, including (where required) third-party registration systems and CRMs. In addition, bespoke coding/scripting services and real-time updates are offered.

Main Feature Categories

Advanced Event Matchmaking

Internet-wide data collection:

MeetMatch's algorithms will search the internet for information relevant to the business profile of each participant. This data cleansing method focuses mostly on the attendee's parent company, but it will also check for vital publicly accessible professional information. Websites of companies, a patent database, Wikipedia, and social media are examples of useful information sources.

Real-time availability monitoring:

The MeetMatch platform will determine which matched contacts are accessible to meet, either because they have checked in at an event location or because they have registered in to its virtual platform. Hence, the program blends predetermined compatibility with impromptu adaptability. Nevertheless, MeetMatch also enables pre-scheduled meetings for those organizers who prefer this method.

Proprietary business compatibility algorithm:

Instead of matching guests based on common hobbies, which MeetMatch argues risks pairing them with direct rivals, the program identifies each attendee's primary business and then finds a match with a closely comparable area of concentration. The greatest potential for commercial synergy, according to MeetMatch, exists between persons who are similar but not identical. In other words, their main businesses should be complementary yet distinct. In addition, MeetMatch's AI is capable of analyzing over 5 million distinct business-related ideas and comprehending their interrelationship. For instance, a fruit juice industry representative may be paired with a scientist who specialized in food preservatives.

Grouping by complementary talents:

In addition to determining which participants are most likely to be suitable as business partners, MeetMatch's matching software may also be used to gather professionals with complementary abilities for the sake of cooperation. For roundtable product innovation activities, a focus group composed of a marketing expert, a technical designer, and a salesman, for instance, might be beneficial.

Four networking activity formats:

MeetMatch's networking activity choices are separated into four primary categories, any of which may be combined at the discretion of the event organizer. In addition, both group and one-on-one matching are accessible, and both formats may be implemented online or in person. The following are the primary formats:

  • Participants have access to a comprehensive list of profiles sorted by matching score or a filtered list of those chosen by the AI software in advance. Participants are then responsible for booking their own appointments by sending messages to relevant contacts.
  • Auto-Planned: The attendance list is sorted by compatibility score, with attendees telling the event organizer of those they like to meet. The organizer then utilizes the booking mechanism of the program to automatically arrange all meetings.
  • The MeetMatch technology does a real-time scan of who is available to meet and then pairs attendees with the highest-rated (new) contact at any given moment.
  • This style is ideal for MeetMatch's “community” customers who host many events throughout the year. When a community manager designs a new event concept, the AI system will produce a list of community members/past attendees who are most likely to benefit from the selected subject.

Unique User Interface Features

Themeable and zero-click interfaces:

The MeetMatch platform has three distinct interface themes: casual, business, and immersive (optimal for engagement). The distinction between the “casual” and “business” interfaces is essentially stylistic, with the former using rounded widget edges rather than square ones. The “immersive” option, on the other hand, emphasizes video content (pre-recorded video, video chat, streaming) by bringing it almost full screen and positioning (very minimum) options on top. All three themes may give participants with a “zero-click experience,” which means that once they check in, all event material will play instantly, and any video chat sessions will begin on the main screen. Due of its concentration on video content, the immersive theme adapts well to the zero-click strategy.

Search filters:

According on business-related criteria, many pages of the MeetMatch platform may be searched. For instance, the “companies” page is typically divided into four tabs: “All,” which allows attendees to view all exhibitor profiles at once; “Filter,” with a search field to sort them under customizable categories; “Interests,” which displays all the companies the attendee has “starred”; and “Recommended,” which highlights a curated list of those recommended by the platform's AI software.


MeetMatch's innovative approach to social networking distinguishes it from rivals. In fact, MeetMatch boasts that their AI-powered matching generates 40 times the ROI of conventional event technology.

Skift Meetings has access to the analysis supporting this claim, which is based on a mix of MeetMatch's own data and industry benchmark estimations. MeetMatch has produced in-depth comparisons between its own approach and other techniques, such as human-powered matchmaking and AI-powered matching based on self-reported interests. The former is criticized for inefficiency and lack of scalability, while the latter is criticized for inaccurate matching. According to MeetMatch, the imprecision of interest-based matching might result in contacts meeting rivals or others with comparable personal interests (rather than business-related ones).

The essence of its thesis, however, extrapolates from a ballpark estimate that random matching results in around 5% successful commercial encounters. In contrast, MeetMatch's self-reported success rate exceeds 50%. This figure is the outcome of MeetMatch's ongoing efforts to follow up with matches, who are explicitly asked whether their contacts have led to a post-event business meeting. (As stated before, this self-reported success rate improves to over 85 percent with different add-on solutions MeetMatch provides, such as tailored follow-up questions for participants after they have finished the initial registration process.)

MeetMatch claims that the effect is enhanced by a factor of four since its speed networking software can recognize who is available to meet at any given moment (which helps to avoid the commonplace pitfalls of no-shows and meetings that go over time).

Although it is difficult for Skift Meetings to independently verify these precise statistics without MeetMatch's own analysis and self-reported platform data, we can confirm that their product offers several innovative and advanced matchmaking solutions not offered by other event technology providers. Notably, a GDS Group event powered by MeetMatch technology received the “Best In-Event Networking Model” award at the 2022 Digital Event Awards.

MeetMatch's “zero-click” design and searchable directories (complete with AI compatibility score) stand out among its other event app features as distinctive differentiators.

Who's it for?

The customers of MeetMatch include GDS, Informa, DHL, and MONDIALE. White-glove and out-of-the-box solutions will be offered to a broader client range, as the firm seeks to expand its approach to reach a larger customer base. Buyer-seller events, sponsored buyer programs, employment fairs, “brainwhirl events” concentrating on engaging material and collaborative activities, and corporate communities with several events throughout the year are among the most common use cases. Any event with an emphasis on networking may profit from this kind of sophisticated AI-powered matching.

Who's it not for?

The MeetMatch platform and event software may not be suitable for event organizers conducting small, single-track, one-time events with minimal networking opportunities. But, its AI algorithms may also be used to propose material in addition to matching attendees.

Pricing and Plans

MeetingMatch does not make its pricing plans publicly available.


Native registration: MeetMatch has its own in-house registration system, which may speed the process of data collection. Participants may register using either their LinkedIn profile or their email address.

MeetMatch may also interface with systems for third-party registration. Typically, when participants check in to the platform, they are requested to complete a brief series of business-related questions.

AI-driven matching: As previously described, MeetMatch's key USP is its powerful AI matchmaking technology, which utilizes both self-reported data and a comprehensive internet search for business-related information on each participant and their organization. Around 30% of the acquired data pertains to individual professional details, whereas 70% pertains to company-related information.

MeetMatch's AI-powered data analysis may be utilized for market segmentation and content suggestions. For instance, it may build lists of attendees who are most likely to be interested in certain material for the purposes of targeted email marketing.

MeetMatch complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, and the event organizer has complete control over all participant data. For instance, they do not promote other events to a specific organizer's attendees, nor do they exchange attendee information across organizer accounts.

The MeetMatch platform is built for integration with CRMs and other third-party applications. Moreover, bespoke coding and scripting may be provided if required.

In addition to interactive floor maps, MeetMatch also provides the opportunity to build a map highlighting the locations of exhibiting corporate headquarters.

MeetMatch has a page just for “Openers,” or offers that might lead to a long-term commercial partnership. During a career fair, for instance, this page might be used to post internships. Similar to the corporate page, the list of openers may be searched based on user-defined search parameters and viewed based on an AI-powered compatibility score.

Combining data visualization with gamification, MeetMatch's software has sophisticated data visualization capabilities that may be easily customized for gaming purposes. During a DHL event, for instance, guests were instructed to push a button on their smartphone to make a circular picture of their headshot bounce on a giant screen.

Incentives for data collection and sharing: In addition to searching the internet for pertinent information on participants and their businesses, MeetMatch may make films to entice attendees to answer more questions. They are also able to create customised attendance questionnaires for returning customers, which helps to improve their matching suggestions. In addition, MeetMatch offers customers with thorough platform use metrics.

MeetMatch employs face recognition technology to verify guests automatically throughout the check-in procedure.

AI-powered spam filtering: The event platform and app have the capacity to search for and delete spam submitted by other participants.


  • Advanced AI compatibility matching based on business compatibility and/or talent complementarity
  • AI-driven content suggestions and manually compiled attendance lists
  • Adaptability to diverse models of networking activity (e.g. pre-planned and speed networking)
  • Innovative interface designs, including a one-click option and folders that can be searched, are included.
  • Compliance with stringent privacy requirements
  • Unusual data visualization tools
  • AI-powered spam filtering that prevents influential attendees from being swamped with unwanted advertising communications.


  • Due to the fact that MeetMatch is always improving its product and creating new innovations, it sometimes experiences temporary bugs.

In Conclusion

MeetMatch blends innovative AI matching with industry-standard event app tools and features, making it a pioneer in the event technology business. MeetMatch may be a worthwhile option for people who want to take their networking to the next level.

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